Implementing several kitchen hacks can help women to save time in the kitchen. With proper efforts, one can make the kitchen smartly organized which saves your cooking time too.

This will help to avoid incontinence caused to you and your family. Making your kitchen neat, clean, and organized is not only pleasant but also encouraged to try new recipes.

So, let’s see how you can enjoy your cooking by implementing several kitchen hacks which save your time and energy as well.

Vegetable storage

Starting with the storage of vegetables like coriander leaves, curry leaves, chilies are more used in daily cooking. So, by keeping weekly stock of such vegetables ready in your fridge help you while cooking.

You can use a bag plastic box with a compartment store to maintain the freshness in the fridge. These boxes are very helpful to keep your vegetables for a long time of period.

By arranging in these ways will ease your process to take anything from your fridge and fasten your cooking process.

Spice boxes with multiple compartments

Compartment boxes are one of the handy solutions to store your spices. You can group the spices which are used together while cooking.

For instance, you can store all unground spices in one box and ground spice in another box. This will save your time as you have organized the spices well all you need to pick up the right box to use it while cooking that either it is ground spice box or unground spice box.

Grains storage

Generally, people have a tendency to buy grains like rice, lentils (moong dal, toor dal, urad dal) in large quantities for the complete year. But it needs extra care due to the large quantity as it needs to be safe throughout the year.

You can opt to a small container and store the grains in it for daily use. Remaining grains can be stored at a dry place or in a dark room to avoid spoiling.

Airtight box

Dry grains get spoil easily if they exposed to air or water. By spending little money to buy the airtight box can help you to increase the shelf life of food items.

The boxes are available in different varieties to store different pulses and grains like toor dal, urad dal, etc.


Labeling of food helps you in many ways in your kitchen. For instance, if you discard the packet to the food box then labeling such a box with detail including expiry date will help you a lot.

This will help you to find out the particular food easily as you have already mentioned all the details by labeling it.

Use plastic clips

Sometimes it may happen that you need to go with grain packets and avoid the airtight box. In such a case, you can use the plastic clip to lock the leftover grains.

The plastic clips are easily available in the market. You can store the packets which are locked with plastic clips in one big box.

So, these are the smart hacks that you can follow and ease your cooking process and organized your kitchen in a proper way!!

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