To be honest, we are all worried when it comes to giving our trust to someone. No one knows if the other person is worthy of it and so many times it happens that they’re really not. Once someone plays our trust, we don’t give it away so easily anymore.

But to the person who stole our heart, to the person we chose to let in and the person we choose every day, to that person sometimes it seems even harder. We are not only trusting them with our words and secrets, we are trusting them with our heart.

So, it’s completely normal and natural to be anxious about giving your trust to your partner but what if it starts affecting your relationship? What to do if your or your partner’s trust issues are too much to work through? Read the list and see how to overcome trust issues!

1. See if this is what you really want

Sometimes we get so hyped up about meeting someone new, someone who showed us how easy it is to fall in love, that we ignore all the little, red flags along the way that are screaming they are not the one. There are so many types of people, both good and bad, that it’s often too hard to differentiate a gypsy-soul from a player or someone who genuinely cares about us from any sort of manipulator.

But take it easy when you are deciding this, because you may not be a quitter but some people deserve nothing more than that. Think about how your partner makes you feel, think about all the times you felt like something was off. If you are 100 percent sure that your relationship is worth it, congratulations!

2. Work on your communication

Take small steps, because building trust takes time. If you or your partner has a hard time with giving trust, start with small things. Talk about your day and some of your future plans. Talk about all those crazy dreams you had as a child, like becoming a painter or a princess and send each other all those silly and heart-melting paragraphs and texts. It’s a great way to express emotions through some laughter! Give trust in small details and with time, big ones will come along. It’s important that you two are communicating and that you are working on it together.

3. Open up

In order to get trust, you need to give trust. As much as it seems scary to talk about your fears and your emotions, give it a try. Maybe it will turn out to be the best decision you ever made and your relationship gets taken to a whole new level. But if you refuse to give trust and expect to get trust in return, really soon you’re going to face an impossible obstacle that could threaten your relationship.

4. Try to see things from their perspective

Sometimes the best way to find a solution to a problem is to look at things from a different perspective. And when you are in a relationship, is there a better perspective than the one of your partner? Try to understand why it’s hard for them to give trust, try to feel their pain and maybe then you will learn how to respect their wishes when they ask for time. Not everyone is the same, so you may have had it worse than your partner did but they may have none of your strength or fire. Understanding is the key here.

5. Be supportive but don’t try to fix them

There are times when support is all we can do alongside waiting for our partner to come around. But support is the most important part of the relationship, because if there is no respect or support in a relationship, there can hardly be love. Love, support and appreciation all go together hand in hand. But sometimes it’s really hard to support your partner without trying to fix them. What you need to understand is that they need your love, not your fixing. That’s something they need to do on their own.

6. Be patient

Nothing good can happen overnight and the same goes for building trust. It takes time, it takes will and it takes a lot of love and patience. There will be days when it will seem like there were never any trust issues in your relationship and then they will be followed by a period where it will seem like there’s no way you can get through this. But arm yourself with a lot of patience and love, because if you decide that your partner is worth it all, they will show you that they truly are.

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