When you are in the later stages of life, you need to be cautious while walking, jogging or running because a fall may have serious consequences. The first consequence is that you will not be able to get up or ask for help. The second consequence could be that you could break a bone. If you end up breaking a bone, it will also have consequences like spending a lot of time at a hospital where you could catch a serious illness. When you have a broken bone, it is very likely that you will become stationery and don’t move enough to make your body mobile and fit. You also risk facing loneliness for a long time that may fill you up with negative feelings. In rare cases, a fall may even lead to death.

So, the best option for seniors is to ensure that they don’t fall and take preventive measures in this regard. According to stats, fall is sending more Canadians to the hospital which means you need to start taking steps in this regard from today. As September 22 is Fall Prevention Day, you should make sure that you have all the necessary equipment that prevents you from falling by this day.

If you are wondering whether some products will help you to avoid fall and where you can find them, then you should have a look at the following list of products that you need to consider buying soon. Many of them are available at amazing websites like Halo Healthcare.

1. Pick the Right Footwear

You should start the fall prevention tactics by investing in a good pair of shoes. Avoid wearing floppy slippers, high heels and shoes that have slick soles as they all can make you stumble, slip or fall. You should also avoid walking in stocking feet as it might also need to unnecessary falls.

A good option you must pursue in this regard is to buy footwear that fits properly, is sturdy and has non-skid soles. Investing in sensible shoes is also recommended because it helps you reduce joint pain.

2. Add Grab Bars in Your Bathroom

Once you have bought the right footwear, the next step is to install grab bars in your bathroom as the bathrooms are one of the riskiest places for an elder because it gets slippery quite easily. With these grab bars, entering and exiting the bathtub or toilet seat will be easier. These grab bars will also help you to avoid slipping on the wet floor as you can lean on them when you fear that you are about to slip.

3. Invest in Tape and Non-Slip Mats

If you think that adding grab bars in the bathroom is not enough as you may slip anywhere in the house then you should invest in a couple of slip mats and put them in places where the risk of slipping is high, be it the kitchen or your front/back door. In case you are looking for a cheaper option, you can buy a non-slip tape and add it to all the potentially risky places at your home.

4. Consider Walk-in Tubs

People who can afford it should go for walk-in tubs as they reduce the risk of falling when getting in or out of the tubs. Even if it is slightly out of your budget and you need it, you should consider going for it because it will be less expensive than the health care costs you will need to pay in case you fall and end up with a massive injury.

5. Try a Walker or Cane

As the popular saying goes, prevention is better than cure, you should follow it and consider investing in a walker or cane. Though you may feel a little strange or silly carrying it around or leaning on it for support for a little while, you would be used to it quickly. It’s safer to walk with a cane or walker rather than risking a fall and not being able to walk at all.

6. Buy Voice-Activated Technological Tools

If you want to avoid falling while at home, you should reduce the number of small things that you need to do manually by investing in smart and voice-activated technology. Examples of the tasks that can be made easier with the use of technology are turning on the light, changing the channel on the television or increasing or reducing the temperature. When you can do these tasks when sitting on the bed, you will not need to get out of the bed in the dark and risk a fall.

More Tips

Apart from buying stuff, here is a list of things you can do to prevent falling as a senior:

• Rearrange your home and furniture to ensure that the risk is minimal.
• Improve balance by doing exercises like Tai Chi.
• Make sure that your vision is checked regularly.
• Ensure that you are not taking medicines that make you dizzy or drowsy.
• See to it that your loved ones or professionals are there to help you if you fall and need to call them for assistance.

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