Be it any type of relationship, there are unique difficulties and struggles you have to face along the way. And if you are a bisexual woman in a heterosexual relationship, the case is no different. People will judge you wrongly, jump to conclusions, and even drop low to spreading false rumors about you. This can be no doubt frustrating, as being a bisexual you already work really hard to embrace your identity.

But, you are who you are, and at the end of the day, it’s your call! Yet people are not even the slightest hesitant in passing comments about your sexuality. Don’t worry though, because we understand you. That is why we decided to show the world 6 struggles only bisexual women in a heterosexual relationship can relate to. After all, everyone should know the torture they inflict on the people from the LGBT community.

1. People Assume You Are “Straight Again!”
You don’t need everybody to know about your sexuality. However, when you do tell somebody, the least they can do is respect you enough to understand your sexual orientation doesn’t change with your relationships. You are bisexual and it is a part of who you are. What’s so hard to understand?

2. You Get Comments Like “I Always Knew You Would Choose a Boy”
Why is it men are always considered the superior partners for women? Most people usually assume bisexual men are gay, whereas bisexual women are ‘sluts’ who will eventually marry men. This is misrepresentative of what bisexuality is all about. You don’t choose boys. You just fell in love with one.

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3. People Think You Haven’t Told Your Partner about Your Sexuality
Sure, some women may hide their sexuality at the start of a relationship. But as things continue to progress, it’s something that just cannot be kept hidden. If your partner loves you, he probably even won’t care. Not even a little bit. This may lead you to think why you even thought he would mind in the first place. Well, with so many people asking, what else can pop up in your mind?

4. You Get Inquired About the Number of Threesomes You Have Had
Bisexuality and polygamy are two different things. And even if you prefer having threesomes it’s just because that’s what you want to do. It has nothing to do with anybody’s sexuality.

5. Your Partner Feels More Threatened By Your Old Boyfriends Rather Than Your Girlfriends
That’s the thing. Most people just don’t take a lesbian relationship seriously, and this is particularly true if you have been with men before. So, if that is the case with you, it won’t take long for your partner to say, “I have no problem if you do it with your girlfriends, but I do mind if you are seeing other guys.”

6. “You Were Gay, Weren’t You?”
You were bisexual. And you are still bisexual. Even though you explain to people you were never gay, you will keep coming across people who will ask you this question. To all those people, relationships don’t define sexuality. It’s the other way around.

These are 6 struggles only bisexual women in a heterosexual relationship can relate to. If you are one of them, we truly admire your strength and courage!
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