As you start in your business venture of becoming an entrepreneur there are key factors that you must have a basic understanding of in order to produce successful work. Of course, you can delegate certain tasks elsewhere to individuals with more experience in a certain skill, but there are some skills that you will need to develop. One of these skills is being tech-savvy. 

Being tech-savvy doesn’t mean understanding HTML coding or rocket science, it’s simply knowing what technology you will need to carry out your business and how to effectively use it to streamline internal/external processes. We’re diving into the five basic tech skills we suggest you develop to make the most out of your business.

- Access Your Office Computer from Anywhere: With the advancement of technology comes a lot of perks as an entrepreneur. The biggest, and possibly most important factor is being able to work from anywhere. Gone are the days of having to be in-office to get work done. You can now run your business from laptops, tablets, and even mobile devices. However, it is still important to have access to all your information and work that is on your office desktop. 
- Graphic Design and Image Editing: At some point, you may need to create or edit images for marketing purposes, whether it’s your website, social media, presentations, etc. Whatever the case may be, understanding the fundamentals of graphic design and knowing how to edit images are crucial skills to have in today’s market. 
- Backup Your Information: We all know that dreadful feeling of working on a project for hours and then the computer crashing or links go missing, and all of a sudden you’re having to start from scratch. Don’t let this happen to you. Take preventative measures by backing up your work to the Cloud or an external hard drive (or maybe both). It’s important to know where your information lives and how to access it from anywhere. 

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