Apart from bookish & theoretical knowledge, educational leaders need technical skills to handle daily tasks & challenges. Now the question arises what level of technical proficiency should we expect of our school leaders? For demonstrating professionalism and credibility, here are 6 technical skills they must have.

Use data systems with expertise
With the advent of online student information systems, learning management systems, HR and finance systems, it has become easy to maintain details & records in large amounts in various educational institutions such as schools, colleges, & universities. School leaders must know how to leverage software to their advantage & use them to manage large & complex data. Otherwise, they will lag behind. Educational leadership and management course will help aspirants master this skill.

Design a high-quality digital curriculum
In order to become a good school leader, it’s vital to be acquainted with what defines good digital curricula, and also what are the components of good online instruction to boost the productivity of students in academics. Online curricula have become extremely vital these days with the advent of pandemic Covid 19. With it, students will be able to study online & get access to valuable information for education & research on various subjects.

Use Skype & other video-based communication platforms
Instructional leaders have to supervise and convey strategies, ideas & decisions to colleagues, staff, subordinates, and others. For this, they need to use video communication tools such as Skype and others. Leaders in schools require to be experts in installing and using digital video communication tools for conferencing, interviews, remote conversations, etc. Undertaking an educational leadership and management course is the best way to know more about these new-age technologies & communication platforms

Ability to use digital tools
Leaders in educational institutes must be adept in making use of digital tools such as laptops, smartphones & tablets to maintain and flourish in their work: From collaborative calendars to online note-taking tools, email management, and cloud-based tools, they must be adept in using all of them to work in a methodical way and stay organized.

Use technological tools efficiently to solve problems
21st-century leaders in school should be equipped with knowledge about the powerful impact of technology. There are several problems which can occur for which they have to be prepared. They can solve these specific problems only by using technological tools and not by theoretical or bookish knowledge.

digital presentation on PowerPoint
PowerPoint is a powerful software for delivering strong presentations for seminars and conferences with many people in attendance. With it, they can create slides having rich content & multimedia and present information precisely to a large group of people present in the event.

To conclude, good school leaders also find ways to improve & should be in favor of upgrading their conceptual & technical skills to take the organization forward. Hopefully, this article will give them an idea of which technical skills to possess in this digital era.

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Laxmon Gope Eric Shearer is a senior strategic leader. Besides writing this informative article in the educational leadership and management course, he has also penned for other topics. Prior to this, he worked as an instructional leader in a leading school.