Learning how to get over a heartbreak can seem as an insurmountable task. The raw emotions you are feeling can turn your world upside down and impede what you can do to work normally. You might feel like you can never go on again but when you try these 6 methods you will be feeling better very quickly.

First you need to have a few days to grieve, but no more than 4 days. It is really an important step in getting back to your normal self again. During this period cry till you can't cry anymore, get it all out of your system. If you want to listen to sad songs this is the time to do it, but following the 4 days, forget about sad songs. Should you hear them on the radio quickly change the station until you are strong enough to really make it through hearing them without crying, this might require sometime.

After the 4 days you have to take a day to treat yourself to any and all indulgences. Eat your favorite comfort foods and your favorite drinks. It is best to avoid alcohol though, many believe that you can numb your emotions with alcohol but in reality it just intensifies those raw emotions you'll still harbor. Visit your favorite stores and buy yourself something nice or get yourself a mini makeover by getting your hair done in a salon. You will be amazed at how these little things will improve your mood.

Now you ought to keep yourself busy for the next week. Try diving into your work, take on over time or bring home extra work. Take on a new hobby or pick up an old one. The more you busy your mind the less you'll think of the hurt.

You should also remove all items form your home which were either given to you by your ex-partner or reminds you of them. You don't have to throw these items away unless you want to, placing them in a box and putting the box under your bed or in a closet will suffice.

Next you need to talk to someone; a close family member or friend will be your best option. Finding someone who knows you well can help you have the ability to express all of the suppressed anger and sadness you've been feeling. Getting all this out will help you to begin to heal.

At this point you need to start rebuilding your confidence. You can do this by beginning to go out and meet new people casually, no need for commitment just new friends. You can also start a list of all the good qualities about yourself and post it near your front door, so each time you leave your house read it and provide yourself a boost.

After you have successfully learned ways to get over a heartbreak it's time to move on. With time and acceptance you'll mend your broken heart. Although you may appear to be you might never be able to move on try these 6 methods and you will be surprise how quickly you begin to heal.

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