You’re a small business owner and you are looking at your quarterly review and you notice that your profits have been at the same margins for over a year. You see you are not really growing at the pace you would like to be. Making some adjustments in the way you do your business can have a domino effect on you bottom line. Getting the word out with increasing your marketing campaign. Managing your finances and adjusting operational costs can surely bring on larger profits. Looking at your staff to see if they have feedback on making the workplace more enjoyable to be. Your customers might need a boost to redirect the focus back to your business. Finally upping your negotiating skills to get more and paying less.


Get the Word Out


You have played it safe and not invested a lot of time and effort into your marketing and advertising campaigns and it is showing. You need to up your exposure tocurrent and potentially new customers through targeted exposure with social medial. Pinpoint who your demographics are and let the various social media outlets do their thing! They have the customers that you want to have notice your thriving business. Also utilizing the various networking events and trade shows will help bring in the customers that are already interested in your general market and industry. Put in some work and rally the attention back into your business.


Manage your Money


Are you still working off the same budget and loan packages you had since opening your business? It’s time to reassess your finances to opening your eyes up to new small business loan offers with a loan specialist from Seek Capital. Allowing your business to open lines of secured credit could open the doors to expansions and managing a larger inventory creating a better profit margin for your business. They are knowledgeable on a variety of products and options that are going to put you in a much better position to bring on larger sales and more opportunities.


Adjust Operational Costs


Overhead and the day to day routines small businesses lock themselves into can drain the profits right out of your business. Accepting change and opening the ability to make the necessary changes that may include where you do business or who you do business with. How you spend your companies’ profits will reflect your small businesses future opportunities so bring all your vendors invoices and extra spending to a trickle until you make these operational changes can cause your profits begin to soar and not funnel back out.


Happy Staff = Higher Profits


When you walk into a business and see an overall abundance of cloudy stale employees you might think otherwise about if you want to do business with them. Taking the time and effort to make your teams workplace enjoyable and inviting will bring out a more productive set of sales reps ready to work harder. Treat your employees to special perks like events after work or an occasional catered lunch as well as sales completions will create an environment that does not lack appreciation. Appreciated workers work harder and with more heart than unappreciated ones do so tell them they are working hard and show them you acknowledge it!


Upsell and Reward Your Customers


You have customers, but are they buying less frequently? Creating a reward system that allows your customers to buy more often and get exclusively rewards for customers only sales and incentives will create a vision that they are getting something that others can’t. Reward your customers
Reward your customers for bringing in new customers where the current and new customer get rewarded. Upselling bundle packages at a discounted price will also give your customers the persona of getting more for their buck! Everyone likes a good sale so awarding your current customers the ability to treat them and make more sales in the process is a win/win scenario.


Up Your Negotiating Game


When you first started your small business, you had so much to organize and set up that negotiating better prices was low on your list of things to do. Now that you are working your business, it’s time to up your negotiating skills and your vendors are where you are starting. Going back to the drawing board and let them know you are ready to commit to possibly more volume or show you have earned a better rate because of your current ordering schedule. They are businesses that like steady client’s orders and are likely to agree that you can receive that better price. If they don’t, you are able to take your business elsewhere if needed. Don’t feel like your comfortable relationship with your vendors are not worth changing because saving some of your profits is the main goal in running a successful business. If there are new vendors willing to give you a better price point, it may be worth it to give them a try.


Small businesses livelihoods revolve around their profits and bottom lines. Increasing your profits opens many other factors including your ability to expand, bring in more employees and increase inventory just to name a few. Profits are what drive businesses to succeed or fold and increasing them is just part of the game of entrepreneurship. You’re a small business owner and you should be in a constant search for ways to improve your margins and bring in more cash flow. Finding that fine line of economic growth and maintaining an environment that is growing with excitement is tricky but rewarding when its working in your favor!






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