To keep students involved and understanding of new concepts is given more importance in today's education. So, using those typical lecture methods and black-boards is not satisfactory to teach.

Keeping students busy can be a tough task for any teacher, but it becomes particularly hard to keep engaging student's schemes as school breaks or during holiday seasons.

Here are 6 tips for teachers that help you to keep your class interested and engaged.

1. Do not repeat previously taught material.

It is suitable and important to review the earlier read material, but try not to repeat that in a classroom by you. Ask the students to start reading and discussing. The involvement of students is very important so that they don't feel bored. The repetition of the material makes it less interesting for students.

2. Create classroom games for teaching.

Playing games is all the time an enjoyable activity. It is a decent way to invite students and raise their attention to your lesson. Games in class is a preparation for joyful students as it makes learning fun. For math problems, you can conduct math-related games to keep their interest in mathematics.

3. Think about student-teacher interactions

This could also appear obvious, but the interactions that teachers have with students have a large influence on learning along with the classroom weather. A student's success would be recognized to effort rather than capability. If the student-teacher relationship is good in class, then the understanding of students towards the subject will be more than usual.

4. Use of technology

To keep your lessons attention-grabbing, the use of technology is the best way. Students love electronics because of many reasons, so try including it into your whole teaching tactic. As a replacement for teaching in front of the class, try using a smartboard communicating display. You can use technology in many ways, and you will get the motivating level in your classroom. The Internet affords everyone with numerous amenities. Many students can learn so many things from online lessons. So going from school level to higher degree level, there is a number of opportunities that are provided by the internet for education determination.

5. Storytelling and role play

Everyone loves to hear stories. Storytelling is one of the best ways to attract the student's attention in class. You can relate many stories with the teachings. Asking students for any real-life story associated with the subject is additionally an honest thanks to making teaching interesting. You can explain the facts of biology or the laws of physics within the sort of stories easily. Grab the attention of students with the innovative method of role-playing. In such activities, students become involved physically and also learn new concepts.

6. Manage behavior

Interestingly, this was not as significant as subject knowledge and classroom instruction as an element contributing to teacher success. But classroom management including how well a teacher makes use of lesson time coordinates classroom resources and manages the behavior of students can be noted importantly.

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