If you don't have strong powers of recollection then most probably you're somebody who has a weak memory. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could recollect little details about your life? The reason why you should learn these memory improving tips and tricks is because you will never boost your memory if you don't know how to improve the memory. While every human brain works differently, the steps required to make that functionality more efficient are the same for everybody. So how do you improve memory?


Association is a great method for improving one's memory. Usually, memorizing phone numbers is a pretty challenging task. One of the fundamental reasons why this is so is because you fail to create a connection between the number and your friend. That is why you have to generate an association between the two. One of the most effective ways to go about it is to find out the corresponding alphabets and try to form a sentence with the words. The numbers can then be turned into a small phrase or sentence which you can easily retain in your memory. One other method regarding association relates to the linking of a picture with the information or data that you want to retain. If an image is strange or weird, you will most likely never forget it.


Another useful trick regarding how to improve the memory is known as chunking. It is quite an old trick. The process of chunking primarily stipulates the gelling together of data. Consider a situation in which your aim is to memorize your weekly shopping list, for that purpose what you can do is to place similar items together such as toiletries as well as vegetables, fruits etc Hence, by just memorizing a single label or category such as vegetables, you will automatically recall every other item that goes with it. Moreover, if you want to store phone numbers in your memory the best thing to do is to divide them into smaller groups of numbers making the entire process much easier.


Rhyming is yet another method for expedited retention of memories. Rhyming is largely known to facilitate memory retention within your brain. Usually, all you have to do is to memorize the first part of the rhyme and the rest then comes naturally.

Bed Time Recital

This is an awesome way of remembering things. Just before you go to sleep, take out whatever material or information that you want to memorize and work on it. Psychologists have stated time and time again that the brain primarily places all sorts of data in a proper order while a person is sleeping. Some even say that if you go through your problems right before you sleep, you will most likely come up with a solution when you wake up. You should also ensure that you read all of the data that you want to commit to memory out loud for at least 4 times.

Brain exercise

In regards to memory improvement, exercising your brain is exceedingly vital. An important part of exercising is the fact that it enables your brain to grow as well as leading to the generation of nerve connections. The creation of nerve connections inside of your brain are enormously necessary for the development of your memory. Puzzles and other such games constitute as exercise for your brain muscle. Aerobics is also a great way of increasing the activity within your brain since it promulgates blood flow.

Repetition Learning

Committing something to memory typically requires for an individual to repeat the same info over and over again. The ability of your brain to retain info depends on when you heard it as well as the number of times you repeat it. This is precisely why students use the repetition method to study. This beats cramming which only allows you to retain data for a short period of time within your short term memory. Flash cards are commonly used while employing the repetition technique. You should write a question on one part of the card and then the answer on the other.

Eating Right

How can we improve memory while dieting? A healthy diet is necessary for proper brain development. An unsavory diet will render your other techniques on how to improve the memory completely useless. Although it is possible to buy supplements from a health store, nothing beats an all round naturally healthy diet. Food items such as bread, cereal, vegetables as well as fruits are smashing for brain development. Your body extracts minerals such as B12 as well as folic acid from such food stuff. You should also drink a lot of water each day in order to avoid getting dehydrated because that will degenerate your thought process. Moreover, acute brain impairment as well as memory loss is attributed to blood sugar level drops. That is why therapists and memory professionals advise 5 meal diets as opposed to 3 meal diets.

In essence, all of the techniques mentioned within this article take time. Nevertheless, these methods are popular because of their success rate.

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