Almost no one could have predicted that the COVID-19 lockdowns would last this long. Most people thought this would only last a few weeks—long enough to catch up on your Netflix shows and learn to back sourdough bread. However, as you enter the back-half of the year, boredom is starting to set in. Follow these six steps to stay productive and energized.

  1. Look for ways to reduce your energy costs.

While you may save money avoiding bars and restaurants during lockdown, your electric bill is likely to increase. Fortunately, now is a good time to find ways to cut energy costs. This could mean replacing old bulbs for better lighting or energy efficiency or getting your HVAC system serviced so it runs more efficiently.

You can also look for more affordable electric plan providers. Shop around your area and compare electricity plans to see if there are more competitive options in your area. You can also look for an electricity plan that uses clean energy—either through solar or wind collection.

  1. Get dressed for work each day.

You may not realize it, but getting dressed each day (and not just from your night pajamas to your day pajamas) can help you become more productive. You are already dressed if you need to run an errand and you will feel more confident talking to your coworkers on Zoom calls. At the very least, remember to brush your hair and put on a clean shirt before starting your day.

  1. Make time to exercise.

Like getting dressed each day, exercising is a small activity you can do to stay alert and productive. During your lunch break, take 15 minutes to walk around your block and stretch your legs. Alternatively, look for an online pilates or Zumba class so you can work out without any gym equipment. This will boost your energy and make you feel better about yourself.

  1. Pick up a new hobby.

Look at your budget and set aside funds each month for a new hobby. Even if you only have a few dollars for a set of binoculars and a bird identification book, you can find a way to do something you love.

A hobby provides you excitement and energy—two things that most people lack in lockdown. You also have an opportunity to learn. For example, if you are interested in shooting, you can spend time researching what kind of firearm is best for you, whether it’s a double-barrel shotgun or a classic Remington rifle. You can also find the perfect gun cleaning kit before you buy one.

  1. Set goals for yourself.

At the start of each day, create a list of tasks you want to accomplish. This includes work-related tasks (especially if you currently work from home) along with household chores. The act of writing down that you want to wash the dishes or replace a burned-out lightbulb can help you remember what needs to get done while giving you a sense of accomplishment once you do it.

  1. Look for ways to improve your career.

If you aren’t happy with how your employer handled the pandemic, take steps to improve your experience and grow your career path. Look for online classes on Udemy or Lynda to boost your skills or consider getting an advanced certificate in your field. This will make you more hireable or competitive if you seek out a promotion.

No one wants to think about how long the pandemic will last, but it will likely continue into 2021. By developing productive habits now, you can weather the lockdown storm and come out stronger when this is over.

Author's Bio: 

I am James Levi, a reputed guest blogger, who has been in this profession for about 6 years now. I have been sharing my opinions and contributing to varied websites.