What is bullying or bullying?
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September 2, 2015
Raul Fernández
The bullying , also known worldwide as bullying is a form of psychological abuse and / or physical suffering children mainly within the education sector over a period of time.

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A situation of bullying usually begins with simple jokes and provocations from one or more individuals towards another, which increase and happen over time in a more serious and continuous manner. But the bully or bully does not perform this type of action to any child, but direct victims tend to have a fairly common and usual profile among them as are the following characteristics:

They are submissive people who struggle to defend themselves against any type of situation and usually threatens fear.
They have a low self-esteem and security which conditions them not to act in situations of provocation and violence for what they will say.
They are habitually very attached to their family with an overprotective or authoritarian model that ends up affecting their autonomy in decisions and in the acts of the child himself / herself.
In addition, on some occasions we find that they usually present a different profile to the rest of the class students, be it because of their place of origin, their religion, their physique ...
The bullying is one of the main problems of the Spanish educational system. In fact, bullying does not affect a single country or a single culture. According to a UNICEF report , half of adolescents around the world suffer some type of violence in the classroom. Specifically, the entity figures the number of victims in a total of 150 million. Also, keep in mind that bullying occurs several ways. For example, cyberbullying (or harassment through the Internet) is becoming more frequent among young people. The figures speak for themselves: 25% of cases of bullying have the Internet as the main platform. These are data from a study by the Mutua Madrileña Foundation and the ANAR Foundation.

In any case, whatever the type of aggression, it is advisable that students, teachers and family members be prepared to combat this reality. Dr. Marisa Navarro , therapist specializing in emotional education , launches some tips to deal with bullying with integrity. According to Navarro, prevention is as important as the reaction capacity of the people involved. In this sense, the talks and training workshops can be of great help. And you? Do you want to know more about bullying ?

6 recommendations to face school harassment without fear
Keep calm. All conflict situations often cause nerves in the family nucleus. In addition, if our child suffers the chances of feeling anger and helplessness will increase. In this sense, it is essential not to lose your nerves and avoid screaming. The child should feel accompanied. In no case, must be placed as guilty of a problem without a solution.
Do not blame yourself We just pointed it out: the child is not to blame, but the parents are not either. To think that we have educated him badly and that, for this reason, he has problems only brings negative energies. Consider what you can do from now on and, if necessary, seek specialized help.
Encourage communication Sometimes, the love between parents and children is taken for granted. However, it is necessary for the child to feel protected at all times. If the communication climate is good, you can better express how you feel and, therefore, face the situation with less insecurities.
Give it the importance it deserves. Although nobody wants bullying to occur, once it happens we can not ignore its existence. That is, instead of closing your eyes to the problem, it is better to analyze and give importance from the beginning.
Encourage activity in other environments. Performing activities outside the school environment is one of the best remedies. This encourages the child to meet other people and other children with whom he feels safe. Of course, new environments should not be an excuse to flee from the problem.
Teach victims to defend themselves.Essay Help It is not about encouraging hitting or insulting others. The best defense that can be done is to promote self-confidence and self-esteem.

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