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Are you scared to fly? Then you are not alone. There are thousands of you all over the world. The moment you step foot into the airport, you are already producing huge beads of sweat. Just the thought on board an airplane makes you anxious and nauseous.

However, you cannot afford not to fly, especially if you’re working. Sometimes you will be asked to visit other branches or meet up clients on the other side of the world. You also cannot enjoy and explore the earth as much as you want to.

To start getting over that fear of flying, begin with the following tips:

1. Discover the reason for the fright. Why are you scared of flying? It could be because you’ve heard of news about crashes where there were no survivors. The thought of just being several thousand feet above the ground makes you feel so helpless. Or it could be something much deeper. You may have been jilted by a lover after your visit, and flying reminds me you of the instance.

Take time to evaluate the real reason. Once you find it, it’s much easier for you to understand and determine how to fight off the scare.

2. Learn as much as you can about flying. Turbulence is normal. It’s also normal for the planes to tilt in any side, especially if it’s trying to change its course. Flying with lightning is actually okay as long as the pilots can see the path they are going. Lightning can hit planes, but it’s extremely rare it can cause damage. Most of all, the safest mode of transport in the world is the airplane.

When you learn as much as you can about airplanes and flying, you will feel more settled. Your questions, which can be the sources of apprehension, won’t have to bother you anymore.

3. Practice using subliminal messages. You can utilize subliminal messages to help improve your state of panic. Subliminal messages can be the following:

I can conquer my fear of heights.
I have complete trust to the crew.
I can do more things when I fly.
I am well taken care of by the pilot.

You can repeat these subliminal messages as often as you can. They can gradually reduce your instant fear as well as help you change your mind-set. The subliminal messages can help you become more positive with flying.

4. Don’t be afraid to voice it out. The airplane crews are trained to help passengers, even those who are afraid of flying. Do inform them of your apprehension. You will find them always checking you out. There may even be someone who will sit beside you, or you will be moved to a place where attendants can easily monitor you. You may hear the pilot speaking more often.

5. Be entertained. You can bring along a good book or ride a plane with built-in movie system. You can also travel with a friend or family member who can talk to you all throughout the ride, so you will spend less time thinking about the flight.

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