Weak bones and joint problems are getting more common across the world. A sedentary lifestyle, wrong postures, and other factors are contributing to increasing orthopedic issues which become more bothering as you age. These issues are forcing people to live with chronic pain. People who have gone through any procedure like Gluteal Tendon Repair Surgery, hip or knee replacement, etc, or having conditions like arthritis or osteoporosis are also at high risk of such enduring pain.

Chronic pain often impedes your daily life activities and can even cause difficulty in walking, getting up and sitting, and performing your daily chores. However, by following some simple tips you can effectively manage this pain and improve your life quality.

● Weight management
Excess weight puts significant pressure on your joints and bones that increase pain. Also, the accumulated fat is believed to send chemical signals that can cause inflammation adding to your pain. For that reason, it is important to keep your weight in check. Eat a balanced and fulfilled diet with plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean protein. Choose food items that keep you full for longer and are also rich in nutrients.

● Stay active
Exercise not only assists in weight loss but also improves your bone health in multiple ways. It increases your flexibility, provides better balance, and delivers more strength to your muscles and bones. The importance of staying active can be well understood by the fact that even the patients who have undergone orthopedic surgery are given physical therapy to gain complete mobility. It is also essential to provide you an independent and respectful life.

● Follow medication as prescribed
You may need to take dome over-the-counter medicines to reduce pain and gain full benefits of exercising and weight management routines. People with conditions like arthritis and osteoporosis are often prescribed medication that mitigates pain and inflammation. Make sure you are taking proper medication as this can help you get regular with your other lifestyle methods and manage pain well for longer periods.

● Get a massage
Massage is a time-tested method to destress and your muscles and reduces their tension. Many people who are regularly involved in sports and gymming often turn to massage to relax and rejuvenate their muscles. It stimulates blood flow in those regions and helps reduce post-workout fatigue. It can play a significant role in helping you maintain regularity in exercises by reducing pain and improving healing.

● Distance from alcohol and tobacco
Alcohol and smoking interfere with the recovery mechanism of the body and add to the plights of orthopedic pain. These substances are often the key reasons for sleep issues and prevent your body to relax and strengthening for another day.

● Relax and stay positive
It is a fact that a good mood assists in healing. People with a positive attitude are found to be better able to manage their pain. You can choose to devote time to your hobbies that can keep your mind off the pain. Meditation and breathing exercises can also significantly help you calm your nerves and ease up the pain to a great extend. You can also adopt yoga that manages weight, keep you active, and also help in reducing stress and improving life quality.

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