You long for a nice relationship, but you can not find the true one. Time to cry hysterically? No, time to get started! There is plenty to do!

To become despondent?
Sunday morning. No kiss on your cheek. No breakfast in bed. No smell of fresh coffee. You are satisfied with your life, but you feel that something is missing. A buddy, someone to share your life with.

It is time for change. You can crawl away and find yourself pathetic because you are against your will in single. You can also get up with a smile. Stretch yourself satisfied and get started with these tips!

1. Make yourself happy
Slavic women love happy people. Happy people are nicer, more loving, more inspiring, they do not steal your energy (like so many other womens do) and they simply give you a good feeling.

Being happy is nice. Not only for yourself, but also for the slavic women around you. When you are happy you feel satisfied. And when you feel satisfied, you do not need anything anymore.

Make yourself happy. Then you are at your most attractive. You do not need a relationship to feel good. Radiate that out, and you increase your chances to get a relationship.

2. Never pretend otherwise
Matches attract each other. Every relationship, whether it is a life partner, a friendship or a family member, is based on common interests or backgrounds. If you pretend otherwise than you are, you attract people who do not suit you. Not being yourself is therefore unwise. It leads to strange friendships and frustrations in love.

Yes, you show your good side if you have a chance to date and meet Southern Slavic women. Every personality has multiple sides. As long as you show only one side that really belongs to you.

Do not be afraid to express your preferences, to express your opinion. Only in this way can you align with each other. Show yourself. You are perfect the way you are!

3. Think positively about yourself
Work on your confidence. Do not get yourself down. Do not make yourself think that you are "not worthy of getting a relationship." Nonsense. Everyone deserves a relationship. And everyone is subject to the laws of cause-effect.

4. Go to places where you like to come
It is nice how slavic women are sometimes desperate to get a relationship, and then take no action at all. How do people get relationships? Simple: they see each other, they talk to each other, they fall in love with each other.

Go on the road. And go to places where people like you like to come. The chance is that you will meet someone here that suits you. Dare to expose yourself a bit to nice new people and just have fun. Do not go hunting, but do not be afraid to flirt. Relationships sometimes arise in the most stupid ways. Do not shut yourself off for crazy situations, craziness makes life interesting!

5. Work on your dating profile
Dating online has a strange image for some people. I know people who want to have a relationship for years and still avoid it because online dating would be 'losers'. The result is predictable: the online dater finds a nice relationship, the hater remains alone.

Online dating with slavic women is interesting because it works. It works because seekers are brought together because you are helped by handy technology, because you can try again and again without consequences. It is non-committal, simple and efficient.

6. Go dating
Have you bumped into someone in real or virtual? Do not wait too long, and ask that person. By quickly dating you know quickly if you fit together. If so, nice. If not, continue with your life.

Do you like your date very much, and would you like that person to like you too? Do not talk too much about yourself, but ask questions. Not in an irritating way, but shows that you are interested. Get to know your date better, and search for common interests.

Most people like to talk about themselves. And many people find it irritating when others talk about themselves (too much). So, let the other person talk. The greater the chance that you will be appreciated!

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Misty Jhones