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Even the best persons in the world get rejected. A-list Hollywood actresses do not end up coveting plum roles. Some professors are not accepted in Ivy League universities. Rejections are a part of life—and something that is hard to fathom most of the time.

Usually we handle rejections roughly. We are not happy with it. We feel inferior over those who have been chosen. We feel left out. These negative emotions can get hold of us, unfortunately, and then we may suffer from anxiety or depression.

You can deal rejection with grace. You can begin with the following:

1. Accept the reality. Learn to accept the truth that rejections can happen. You are not the only one, and most definitely there are others who have been rejected numerous times in their life. Check out Abraham Lincoln. He failed so many times in politics before he became a U.S. president.

2. Cry. Give the rejection a good cry or a moment of self-pity, if this is your way of releasing your negative emotions. After that, stand up, dust yourself off, and move on. There is no reason for you to look back.

3. Do visualization exercises. How can visualization help you deal with rejections more effectively? During your visualization, you can imagine yourself standing in front of a closed doorway. That represents the rejection. Now think of creating several doors more and opening each one of them. Imagine yourself stepping inside and admiring the abundance each door brings. These new doors represent the many opportunities you can still get hold of.

4. Use subliminal messages. You can use subliminal messages while you are visualizing. The subliminal messages can be the following:

I let go of the missed opportunity.
I am looking forward to more doors opening for me.
I can definitely succeed very soon.
This rejection does not change the way I look at myself.

These subliminal messages not only make the visualization exercise more effective, but they can also change the way your mind thinks. You will become more open to new possibilities and embrace the temporary setbacks.

5. Know the reason for the rejection. Not all rejections have sense, so you don’t have to fuss about all of them. Just think if the cause of the rejection is something you can fix. For example, if you were not accepted because of lack of experience, you may want to look for volunteer organizations in line with your desired position. You can improve your set of skills or pick better references.

6. Take your mind off it. If you feel that the rejections are occupying your mind more often, it’s time to bring yourself out more. You can go out with friends, take a new hobby, or even write your thoughts on a journal. Do anything that will help you release and forget about them.

Rejections should not be the ultimate cause for you to feel so bad about yourself. They don’t define you at all, and you should not allow them to do so.

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