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Face it: some relationships don’t last. However, it becomes a lot harder to let go if you can still feel the love. It’s not possible to end up asking, “Is it possible to get your ex back?” Here’s the truth: there will be no guarantees, but the following tips have shown excellent success rates.

1. Accept the truth.

The truth is the relationship may be over. The sooner you can accept it the easier it is for you to know what to do next. A lot of guys and women are trapped in the denial stage. Thus, they end up more of an annoyance, forcing their partners to stay away as far as possible.

2. Give them space.

Don’t expect things to be like when you both were friends. Surely there’s a huge possibility you’ll end up the best of friends, but it’s going to take a while. In the meantime, back off. One of the reasons your partner broke up with you is he or she needs breathing space. Besides, it will only bring back the pain and hurt when you see each other.

3. Improve your self-confidence.

It’s so easy for someone to lose his or her sense of self-confidence because of a breakup. You never tend to stop thinking what could possibly be wrong with you. But that should not deter you to look and feel better. People are attracted to confident individuals.

You can use subliminal messages in this case. Subliminal messages may be positive statements in the likes of the following:

I am still worthy to be loved.
I can still bring my confidence back.
I have a huge faith in destiny and love.
I can find the right person for me.

These subliminal messages have the capacity to change the way you think about yourself. You will feel more empowered, and you develop a more optimistic attitude. If you are falling into depression, the subliminal messages can be extremely helpful.

4. Take care of your health. Expect yourself to go through a lot of emotional stress after a breakup, so you better start to take care of yourself. Exercise and eat the right kind of diet. These things can also boost your mood, so you become a lot happier.

5. Stop the communication. This rule works for those who have been left behind. Allow the person who left you to do the first move when it comes to communicating. Usually the silence can be deafening, and somehow they would want to know how you’re coping. This can be quite a long time, though. So while you wait, move on with your life. Seek out new adventures and meet new people. You will discover that the separation isn’t too bad after all.

6. Begin at a clean slate. If the person decides to renew your relationship, should you resume where you left off? The most ideal answer is no. You need to settle the real reasons for the breakup first and begin as friends. Mind you, no matter how short the breakup is, both of you will not be the same person as before.

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