The 1. Know the personalities of the house

The first thing you should do to invest in furniture for the living room is to know your tastes and those of the members of the house. For example, what activities will they do in the room; If the members are very party people, it is better not to buy leather furniture or white fabrics.

2. Location does matter

As it is a transitional space between the outdoors and private environments, the room should always be located near the front door.

3. Take into account the lighting

Avoid covering the entrances of natural light with furniture; and in such a case, it illuminates very well whether artificial.

4. The armchairs: the basic element

The set of armchairs in a room is the element that draws the focus of attention in the decoration of the space; therefore, the investment in the armchair set must be correct, as it should last as long as possible.

These 3 tips will help you choose a furniture set that will last with time and your style:

- Color: try to handle three basic hues, such as gray, camel, and cream or white.

- Materials: as we told you at the beginning, it all depends on who uses the space, as many materials are not designed for stains caused by children or pets, for example, velvet or light colors.

- Sizes: the same as the material, the sizes depend on the needs of the house; For example, if it is a small family that does not receive many visitors, you can opt for a simpler and smaller two-piece set of armchairs.

5. Look well at the types of furniture

Depending on the use that will be given to the room, you should look for furniture that meets the needs of the activities of the people who use the room; for example, corner pieces, center tables, side tables, shelves, TV cabinets, etc.

The ideal is to look for furniture that contributes and is used, not simply decorative objects.

6. Accessories complement your style

If you want to reflect your personality in the room, accessories are the perfect elements; From greenery to paintings to mirrors, accessories can vary as much as your personality allows. Just keep in mind that the colors combine with space and the textures so as not to oversaturate the environment.

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