As like weather changes around the year, so does our wardrobe. When it's time for summer, one of the tasks that can be a huge hassle to all of us is storing our winter clothes properly. It is important that the clothes are stored in the right way to enable them to be utilized again in the next season. Given below are a few tips to help you store your winter clothes in an effective manner:

1. Wash the clothes prior to storage

It is important that the clothes are washed or dry cleaned before they are put away. Washing the clothes means that stains are removed, which in turn means that the clothes are safe from insect infestation and permanent stains while they are not in use.

2. Pick the right type of storage containers

There are various types of storage containers available ranging from plastic containers, cardboard boxes, and vacuum bags. For short term storage purposes, plastic and cardboard containers are a good choice. When using plastic boxes, it is essential to choose boxes that are opaque to keep the clothes away from sunlight and prevent discoloration. If using cardboard boxes, be careful about insects as the material of these may attract termites. However, if the clothes are to be stored for a longer time, cotton storage boxes are a good choice.

3. Use a tissue paper for delicate clothing

The delicate items of clothing need to be handled with more care. Use acid-free tissue paper to wrap the delicate clothes, next put these in suitable storage containers.

4. Avoid hanging clothes for long periods

Many people prefer to hang clothes instead of folding them into boxes. When it comes to storage, it is better to fold all clothes and avoid hanging them for long periods. This is because when clothes are hung they stretch and become out of shape. The best way to store clothes is to fold them neatly ensuring their shape and style is not compromised.

5. Do not overcrowd the storage boxes

The clothes should be packed in a loose formation in order to allow air to flow through. Packing the clothes tightly or overstuffing the storage boxes prevents air to flow through the clothes which in turn damages the clothes. This may also develop a nasty odor that is often too difficult to remove once the clothes are unpacked.

6. Use lavender packets in the storage containers

People often use mothballs to keep insects away from storage items. However, the chemicals used in mothballs are not only harmful to children but also at times leave a distinct odor in the clothes. Therefore, lavender sachets should be used in the containers to give the clothes a fresh scent when they are removed from the storage containers. This makes them look and feel almost as good as new. is a premium laundry service, we are currently serving our services in Pune. Find us on google play and Download our app. Get your laundry done with care.

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