Attending trade shows is a great way to market your brand but it involves a lot of preparation and a big budget. The main objecting of attending a trade show might be to launch a new product, generate leads, and to encourage more sales. Therefore, expectations are high to get the most from the event. However, there are possible mistakes you might make to compromise the success of your trade show event. This article is prepared to show you 6 trade show mistakes and how you can avoid them. Read on.

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Using a poor quality exhibition stand

Organizing a trade show requires a big budget with many things to handle. Despite the effort to work within your budget, there’s a risk of splashing money on wrong things. A stand makes the first impression on customers. Opting for a cheap looking stand will scare people off to competitors. It is very important to have an appropriate trade show budget that prioritizes expenditure on important fixtures like the stand. You can leave freebies out and make a quality and nice looking stall.

Not knowing why you are there

Many business owners ask themselves this question while attending a tradeshow. This question must be answered before committing your brand to attend the show. The main objective of attending a trade show is generating leads and sales. Additionally, you can also attend a trade show to launch a new product. It is very important to have objectives before investing time, money, and effort in attending a trade show. This will give your sales, promotion, and exhibition team a way forward.

Wrong people in your exhibition stall

Every employee has special qualities but it doesn’t make them qualify to sell at a trade show. It is very important to have an exhibition team with knowledge and experience. The solution is hiring Dubai models female from a reputable staffing agency. The initial investment will be paid off in the number of leads, and sales generated by these nice looking models. With their expertise, your stall will stand out during the event and hordes of visitors coming to check your products. This guarantees a more successful trade show exhibition.

Not utilizing its immense opportunities

Big trade shows come with multiple offers and usually attract multitudes of people. Such event usually attracts buzz on social media. A good idea is to connect the offline and online marketing opportunities to spread the word about your brand. This requires strategizing your marketing before, during, and after the event on social media and offline mediums like press releases.

Attending any trade show

It is very important to only attend trade shows that matter. This requires doing a background check on the organizers, conations for attending, and expected attendees. It is also important to understand other businesses going to attend the trade show. Knowing this will allow making an informed decision on whether to attend or not to attend the event. Read the marketing information of the organizers send out to potential exhibitors.

Opting for cheap giveaways

Giving out freebies during a trade show exhibition is a great idea to attract potential customers. This little gift will remind customers of your stall whenever they use the product. Therefore, your choice of freebies matters significantly. Opt for innovative and quality items however cheap to ensure that recipients won’t just throw them away. Thoughtful planning of freebies that appeal to customers will create a lasting impression on customers.

Not making follow-up

One of the objectives of attending a trade show is to generate leads. However, don’t expect them to approach you ready to do business after the event. Call, email, or send them a note thanking them a few days after the event. When you call them, be ready to respond to any inquiries about your services or products. Following-up is a great way to build trust in your business.


Making the most of trade show attendance requires careful planning before, during, and after the event. Prior preparation involves hiring a professional team of promotional models and setting goals for the event. Some mistakes might happen that might compromise getting good value from a trade show exhibition. This article has highlighted some of the mistakes to avoid and possible solutions.

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