It's easy to let your weekends slip on by without accomplishing a single task. Sure, laying out by the pool all day or watching movie marathons are both appealing options.  However, think about how you'll feel on Sunday night when not one chore was completed. Procrastination is a problem for many of us especially when we have a long list of things to do. Here are several ways you can make your weekends worthwhile.

1. Begin Your Day On The Right Track

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It may not be a pleasant sound to wake up to on a Saturday but an alarm will help getting you up and at 'em and ready to seize the day. Give yourself a snooze button limit and stick to it.

Once you're out of bed, it's time to get moving. A morning run will give you energy. Also, make sure you have a satisfying breakfast so that you'll be full for a while. Then, check and evaluate your tasks and without further delay, get to it!

2. Create Specific and Realistic Checklists

Having a list to refer to will keep you organized and accountable. It's crucial that you prioritize your various tasks and errands so that you always complete the most important things first.

A simple checkmark will grant you satisfaction and motivate you to move on to the next chore. At the end of the day, you'll feel relieved seeing all that you've accomplished.

3. Keep Up With Your Home's Cleanliness

Getting into cleaning routine like sweeping the floors and dusting the roller shades can prevent you from wasting time doing sporadic and extensive cleaning.

Not only is it helpful to maintain your home throughout the week, it's also good to preserve its cleanliness on the weekends. In addition to your to-do list, allow yourself a few "extras" like 15 minutes of window cleaning or 20 minutes of laundry.

4. Put your Electronics Somewhere Out of Sight

Most people find themselves distracted with their cell phones or tablets in plain view. It takes nothing to pick one up and spend 30 otherwise valuable minutes checking unimportant e-mails or reading Facebook news feeds.

Give your electronics a hiding spot that isn't within arms reach. If you turn off the sound, you'll find you're even less likely to become distracted.

5. Take Sporadic Breaks

Taking a quick break after you've completed a task can keep you motivated. If you give yourself all work and no play you may find that you won't be putting your all into clearing out that garage or painting the back hallway.

Getting a few minutes of fresh air, jumping rope, and taking a quick dip in the pool are all breaks that'll get you refreshed, re-energized and ready to tackle some more work.

6. Give Yourself Daily Incentives

Having something fun to look forward to will help you stay on track. Just make sure you hold yourself accountable and only reward yourself when the jobs are done.

A movie with your spouse or family game night would both be fun ways to end your productive weekend.

Though it can be awfully difficult gathering motivation on the weekends, you'll be relieved once you've completed those things weighing on your chest. Once you get used to your new routine, you'll find that your to-do list will gradually become shorter and shorter.


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Carly Wright is an activist for fun! From technology and entertainment to travel and leisure she can write about it all. She encourages you to see her tweets @MostlyImWrite.