ion is an illness that is not ease to cure of. One of its key symptoms is suspended taking care of household chores. It just makes you so down and powerless that you simply let things go. At the end, a large mess is left behind. People with depression can't imagine how to cope with the household duties. They simply reinforce it.

Yet, according to a recent study a clean home can help a depressed mind. At least 20 minutes of daily physical activity lowers the risk of psychological problems. Check on the ways to clean the house when you are in depression.

1. Clean As You Go

Do you know how much time you can save if you just clean as you go? A lot. Try for instance washing the dishes right after using them, instead of letting them sit in the sink. Indeed, by putting things away right after you've used them, you prevent the occurrence of clutter in the first place. Take care of chores that will prevent grime and dirt build up.

2. Don't Procrastinate

When you have a depression, putting off chores is very easy, but instead of that, fight that urge and do things now. Otherwise, these chores will eat a big part of your time afterwards. Moreover, taking care of the little tasks, will bring you a sense of accomplishment.

3. Store Your Cleaning Supplies At Handy

People give up very fast, if they are not able to fast find the necessary cleaning products. They say "Why bother?". So keep your cleaners at handy to prevent such statements in future. Keep kitchen cleaners in the kitchen and bathroom cleaners in the bathroom. And one more tip: if your carpeting is on the second floor, store the vacuum cleaner there for easy access. You can place a piece of wet wipes nearby, so you can clean readily when an accidental spot appears.

4. Pay Attention to Busy Areas

Regardless of your state of depression, having a family requires some responsibility. If you don't have neither power nor motivation, try to clean at least the rooms where your family spends most of its time. Spend your energy where it is most needed.

5. Rope Your Family In

Explaining your family members that you have a depression and you need help with the housekeeping tasks is not a weakness. Contrariwise, it's a sign of strength. Give your family members particular housekeeping tasks to complete. Have in mind that the process of depression hеаling can take around a few weeks. Therefore, the help of the beloved ones is an advantage. A clean home will help you get rid of one powerful source of stress.

6. It's Okay to Hire a Maid Service

If it's within your budget, hire maids. That way, you'll have a clean house and one less thing to worry about.

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