Planning a budget for moving across the country? All the excitement apart, average cost to move across country depends on certain factors. Cross-country moving doesn’t have to be expensive at all. The idea is to evaluate the options available based on their cost.

Following are the 6 ways to reduce the cost to move across the country:

According to the experts from long distance moving companies, here are 6 things to keep in mind while finding movers for moving across the country.

1) Volume and Weight: Already measured the weight and volume of belongings? Great! If you haven’t, it’s time to do so. This is the time to decide what you can put up on garage sale before you get moving quotes.

2) Traveling distance: The more the distance is, the more it will cost. This is the rule of thumb in long distance moving. As you move across the country, this distance is likely to be around 1000-3000 miles. The average cost of long distance moving depends on the popularity of your destination city as well.

3) Time and Season: Cost of cross-country relocation depends on the moving date as well. The cost to move across the country usually goes up during the summer. If possible, move during the months in between October and April.

4) Shipping special items: Want to ship a piano that holds a special place in your heart? Shipping and handling special items like antiques or pool tables add to your cost.

5) Insurance: Some of the moving quotes might not come with insurance. However, the best long distance moving companies will always offer you insurance for moving across the country.

6) Storage cost: Isn’t your new place ready yet? In cases like this, you might have to pay extra for storage services. Reduce the average cost to move across country by planning ahead of time.

How to find the average cost of moving apartments?
Moving your apartment cross-country means it will travel a distance of 1000-3000 miles approximately. Depending on the number of bedrooms, the cost will go up. For moving 1-bedroom apartment across the country, you will have to spend around $3500. This includes the cost of freight trailer and moving cost.

A 2-bedroom apartment usually weighs around 5500 pounds. This increases your moving cost. With the moving container, the cost of moving across the country will come around $5000.

A 3-bedroom apartment weighing 7500 pounds will cost you around $6500 for the moving container rental. Hiring cross-country movers will take this cost to around $9000.

How to get moving estimates for long distance moving?

Long distance moving can be inexpensive, you can ask movers for moving estimates, compare the prices and services and choose the best mover that suits your budget. Just fill in the small quote form at moversfolder and get instant long distance moving quotes from the professional movers near you.

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