Originated in the Indian subcontinent, Chutney is a spicy sauce made with several vegetables, herbs, spices and fruits. There are innumerable variations and types of chutneys that are prevalent across the subcontinent of India which compliment every meal and are a great addition to any dish that may seem bland.

There are so many variations of this favorite, but here we list our top 6 that can be easily incorporated into your meal or side dishes.

1. Tomato Chutney -This tangy and tasty chutney is not only mouth-wateringly delicious but also an excellent source of vitamin C and a load of other nutrients that makes it a great addition to your dish.

Recipe in shots –
• Heat oil in the pan and add onions and garlic paste to it. Cook until golden brown.
• Add finely chopped tomatoes, curry powder, and chili and let it cook
• Keep it on the flame

2. Mint and Onion - Mint and onion chutney is one of the most soothing combinations for chutneys. The flavors and ingredients in this chutney blend together well and allow for this chutney to be an ideal source of Vitamin A and positive contributor towards blood circulation.

Recipe in shots –
• Take chopped mint and cilantro leaves
• Take chopped onions, lemon and green chilies
• Add a little water to make a paste
• Grind them together

3. Red Chili and Coconut Chutney- This mouth-water chutney is bursting with flavor that would complement any South Indian meal. The mildness of the coconut compliments the power packed flavor of the red chili to give you a perfect melody of flavors.

Recipe in shots –
• Take grated coconut, split chickpeas, ginger, garlic, tamarind & salt. Grind it together.
• Heat oil in a pan & add mustard seeds
• Add cumin seeds & curry leaves
• Fry it for a while and add the ground ingredients
• Fry it for sometime

4. Mango chutney – Mango is the ultimate salvation, isn’t it? There are numerous benefits that mango chutney carries. Not just that, regular intakes can even enhances your immunity system.

Recipe in shots –
• Take mango pieces, ginger, cumin seeds, salt and garlic
• Mix it together and add a little amount of water
• Add cilantro leaves and onion.
• Grind the ingredients together.

5. Peanut chutney – Yet another powerhouse of nutrients. This chutney is especially good for children who are not inclined to eat protein and carbohydrate-rich food. Peanuts are loaded with proteins and carbohydrates which make it an ideal ingredient to make nutrient rich chutney.

Recipe in shots –
• Roast the peanuts
• Add roasted cumin seeds along with tamarind and mustard seeds
• Add salt and onion
• Grind it well together
• you can add a little water if you want to change the consistency to what is desired

6. Garlic Chutney - Not only is it delicious and bursting with flavor, this garlic chutney has several health benefits. Right from lowering the blood cholesterol to enhancing the functioning of your digestive system, garlic chutney works to improve the overall balance of your body’s functions. It works to boost your immune system and battle minor sicknesses such as a cough and cold.

Recipe in shots –
• Roast garlic and green chili in mustard oil
• Heat it for some time
• Grind it together

these were the 6 amazingly beneficial chutneys that are easy to make and delicious in taste. Now, the question is where you incorporate these chutneys so that they complement your meals effortlessly.

Whether you pick tacos, pizza or hot dogs; these chutneys are going to make enhance their flavor greatly. Often chutneys are prepared to be eaten along with the dishes that are bland in taste in order to enhance the dish and make it more flavorful. Eating a balanced diet is certainly the need of the time. These delicious chutneys ensure that doing so is an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

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Sonal Khakhar is a founder of Aahanas Naturals. She has continued with the heritage of preserving traditional family recipes, and tweaking the inherited recipes further with her knowledge as a Nutritionist.
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