Every employee is concerned about career growth for many reasons such as self-development, higher wages, and becoming an authority in their fields. However, a lot of planning is needed by everyone who wishes to ‘rise up’ the ranks quicker. While the situation in different industries is different, we have identified some important ideas that can help you get noticed and promoted in your career.

Consult with a ‘veteran’ in your field

Patricia Hildebrand suggests that you can get great ideas by speaking with a professional who has achieved all you aspire to get in your career. Your focus should be to learn tips and ideas that can help you resolve problems quicker. Develop innovative ideas, and help in decision making that will increase your company’s chances of advancing in the industry.

Learn time management strategies

Every minute counts in the highly competitive business world. As a professional, it is important to have excellent time management strategies that can help you overcome the common hassles that can lead to career stagnation. Starting early is the key, this means you should find out the courses, exams, training programs and workshops that can expose you to the skills and proficiencies you need to become an authority in your field. Good time management strategies will help you plan better for the future.

Set Goals

Setting goals aimed at helping you achieve more in your career can encourage you to be more proactive about attaining your goals. With goals ahead of you there will be little time to remain idle in your workplace. Find out some achievable goals that a professional at your level can get and start making plans to achieve those goals. It is also important to regard the need for teamwork and cooperation while chasing your goals. Working independently can lead to frustration. Work as a team and help others achieve their goals as well.

Get paid your worth

Receiving a good salary and compensation package will encourage you to find more ways to achieve self-development. You can call for a renegotiation of your benefits package if it is not satisfactory. Improve your skills, and highlight the value you are adding to the company. However, it is important to negotiate a reasonable deal to avoid putting the HR in a position where they may have to let you go because they cannot afford to meet your terms.

Overall, the secret to rising through the ranks in your career is improving your skills. Make yourself indispensable, and you will be rewarded with more responsibilities and promotions.

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Torsi is a professional blogger.