Talkative people who know how to convince and direct others are an essential part of every successful business. Apart from being amazing motivators, they also have to be great marketers. Whether you want to promote a certain product, market yourself or someone, or just listen to what others have to say, take a look at our list below and choose a job that meets your needs and requirements in terms of duties and work dynamics.

One of the most rewarding careers for people persons is definitely a career in psychology. A person who decides to take up this career, needs to have a lot of patience and empathy for others. Being able to put yourself in someone’s shoes and coming up with creative solutions that will stimulate others mentally to make life-changing decisions, is what will make your psychology skills evolve most effectively.

Ruthlessness is a virtue in the cruel world of law. If you are able to verbally destroy someone with nothing but evidence and facts, think about a career in law. Successfully communicating with the client and the judge, presenting the evidence in a logical way and hierarchical order and thoroughly combing through the cases looking for similarities is what distinguishes an ordinary lawyer from an amazing one.

The first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions a person who is a “chatterbox” is buying and selling goods. As we already mentioned, persuading someone into buying something they might don’t even need is the characteristic of a thriving talker. Promoting a product and highlighting its best features is a skill that only verbally strong people can acquire over the years. From product ambassadors to travelling salespeople, the main goal remains the same: inspire someone to spend money.

PR Manager
Your clients rely on you to keep their public image intact. If you don’t get tired of everyday meetings, talking over the phone and creating interesting content that is not just regurgitated, public relations is the job you’ll enjoy doing. If you are ready for daily interactions with different people, and if doing damage control has become a habit, you might want to opt for this particular job.

If you are known for being a talker of the group and radiating positive energy, why do it for free? Being determined enough to stand out in the crowd and not afraid to be in the spotlight are the traits that make you a great candidate for this career. A comedian shouldn't be talking someone’s ear off, but when the jokes start pouring in, use his gift of gab to impress the audience and make them cry with laughter. The best advice would be to get rid of stage fright by practicing in front of family and friends, and asking them for an honest opinion, so you can prepare for all possible outcomes before coming onto the stage.

Put your social skills in good use by choosing a career in teaching. Not only do you get the chance to speak to your students every day, you also pass on the knowledge you have, which is the most rewarding feeling for a talkative person. You might even inspire some of the students to take up this career, if you pay attention to their personal wishes and talents.

Choose a career based on your personal preferences and personality type. For instance, if you prefer working on your own, a career in teaching might bring you more joy. If your listening skills are strong, you will thrive more if you’re a psychologist. Are you an extrovert or an introvert? Do your social skills come in handy when you’re working? Tell us more about it in the comment section below.

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