During these days, everyone has an opinion on the correct way to lose weight. The next staircase of given tips, will not be found in any case.

1. Eating after eight o'clock in the evening is a mortal sin
Do you play sports in evening? If yes, then your body needs more nutrients. As long as you only eat a healthy meal, it also does not matter if you do it at 7, 8 or 9 AM. The fact on what you should pay attention is the amount of fat in your meal: that can ensure that you sleep worse.

2. Chewing gum or celery down you pull the head
It is true that chewing gums just distracts your brains from hunger, but your stomach will then just go messing around again. If you are hungry and the chewing gum is there, then it’s going to be a trouble. The longer you delay your meal, the more you will eventually eat. Once you have been getting hungry, go eat something light or have a healthy (protein!) Snack to quite your hunger and keep you from overeating in your next meal. There are many cheap vitamins online that are supposed to maintain the diet and trick yourself feeling full.

3. Diet soda is better than regular soda! Right?
Surprise: it is both bad for you. Diet soda contains artificial sweeteners that increase the chances of type 2 diabetes (only in the longer term). So how to deal with thirst? Drink water, tea or coffee. It might be a bit boring, but you will be used to of it.

4. Carbohydrates are your enemy
Would you like to achieve long-term results? If yes, it’s not a good idea to delete the entire food group from your diet. You can confidently eat carbs as long as you choose. But beware of fast carbohydrates and sugars; choose slow carbohydrates as healthy alternatives like; whole grains, vegetables, nuts and etc.

5. Detox helps you to lose weight
No! No! and No! We say it one more time: 'detoxing' does not exist. Your liver and kidneys can keep themselves well clean your body. When you drink a little while (or almost nothing) and eat nothing but juice, your digestive system gets a decent operator. You'll lose weight, but when you start eating normally again, all will return back within a very short time (sometimes even more than for detox treatment). If you think that something is getting wrong with you, then consult with your nutritionist.

6. You may not eat sugar
We will not recommend burying your face in a cake after you have read it, but you really do not have to remove all sugars from your diet. Add some juicy fruits and natural sugar in your diary, because this is not necessarily bad for your health.

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Misty Jhones