This machine was created to look sleek and work flawlessly. Out of the wide variety of meat slicers on the market, this is one of the slicers of higher quality. This is the ideal slicer for at home use. If you plan on using a meat slicer for your personal restaurant, you can use this one but it is meant more for personal home use. This slicer is meant more for precision meat cutting in the comfort of your own kitchen. You no longer have to worry about running out to the deli to pick up your meat for sandwiches or a party. Instead of ordering a large meat and cheese platter, you can slice your own meat and cheese and create a masterpiece on your own.

The features that make this slicer worth the money range from the blade and the on button to the food tray and the housing. The entire machine is made of nothing but aluminum and corrosion-resistant steel. This means it will be much easier to clean and maintain than other slicers. You won’t have to worry about any rust or corrosion because of the steel. The stainless steel blade is created at a large size of 8 5/8 inches. This means you can slice everything from thin meats to thick and tough cheeses. The size of the blade combined with the power of the motor make slicing food a breeze. You don’t have to have any strength to move the arm. You can move it with the touch of a finger. The blade is also completely removable to make it easy to clean in an instant. The machine as a whole is large enough to slice large meat but small enough to fit in a tight storage area.

The blade on the machine comes off with the touch of a button. You no longer have to fiddle around with the appliance for hours trying to disassemble it. The food tray is very smooth gliding and has a large capacity to hold a large amount of meat. The tray tilts out to make cleaning extremely simple. The feet of the appliance are equipped with suction cups to ensure it will not move while you are slicing your meat or cheese. One of the best features this Weston 61-0901 slicer has to offer is the food pusher. Instead of holding the meat/cheese/vegetables with your bare hands, you can hold the food under the food pusher. This also ensures your slices will be the same size and controlled. For safety reasons there is an on/off switch.

Weston 61-0901 Slicer Features

Compact design for easy storage and transportation
High quality rotary stainless steel blade removes for easy cleaning
Large capacity stainless steel food tray tilts out for easy cleaning
Adjustable thickness control for slicing from deli-thin to over 1/2-inch
On/Off safety switch

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