I get to the gym often. Yesterday, I took a class called "Cardio Boot Camp". I went in thinking that it was going to be just another class; that I'll get my heart pumping and I'll lift some weights. As soon as the music started I sensed a change, it was a really tough class.

Many of the articles I write are about getting organized and getting rid of your clutter so why am I telling you this? Because while I was working out I found myself saying, "Why am I bothering? I've been doing this for years, by now it should be easy! There is no reason I should be getting my butt kicked!"

I've heard many people say the same thing about organizing; "Why bother? I've been trying to do this for years; you'd think I'd be organized by now. It's just going to go back to the way it was before, so why bother? There's no hope. I'm not an organized person and I never will be."

I'm lucky; I have a support team that helps me stop the negative thoughts before they stop me. I looked around and saw that I wasn't the only one struggling in the boot camp. I turned off the negative voices and thought about the reasons I do bother -- to be strong, to have endurance and of course, to look good in my jeans.

Everyone has their own reasons for organizing and getting rid of their clutter.

• One client told me that she can't sleep when her home or office is cluttered. She lays awake worrying and panicking about what she's forgotten to do, what she's misplaced or buried in a pile.
• Another client told me that he wants to be organized because he wastes so much time searching for things. He has plans to grow his business and find the success and money he yearns for but never gets around to it.
• Yet another client told me that the disorganization in his office costs him an extra two hours each day. He hasn't made it home for a family dinner in three years.
• Finally, a client said that she wants to be organized to regain a feeling of control. The more clutter that exists around her the more she feels at everyone else's mercy. She has no control over her days, her weeks or her life.

Here are SIX tips you can use to change your thinking and give yourself an organizing boost.

1. You have a choice, you can choose to listen to the cynics and doubters and believe that getting organized and decluttering is impossible OR you can believe that with faith, an optimistic attitude, a bit of education and support all things are possible.
2. Think optimistically about where you are going instead of being disappointed about where you are or where you have been.
3. Don't waste your energy on the past. Instead use your energy to affect change.
4. Instead of complaining about the clutter and the trouble that it may be causing, focus on solutions. It's the key to making it happen.
5. Learn from things you may have tried in the past and let them teach you to make positive changes for the future.
6. Enjoy the ride. Getting yourself organized and decluttering doesn't have to be a chore. Focus on the time you'll save, the energy you'll find and all of the things you'll be able to do.

One last thing, you might be like me and find that you benefit from a team approach. I'm not the type who hits the gym and the machines on my own. I take classes where I have an instructor who tells me exactly what to do and when to do it. The instructor motivates me and gets me to do one more set even when I'm sure I've had enough. I also have people around me who understand what it's like to want to eat their cake and fit into their jeans too!

So if you’re like me find a friend, family member a trusted colleague who you can team up to help you. And if you don’t have anyone to work with take advantage of the many programs, online support groups, professional organizers and coaches who are available to help.

Your reason for getting organized is as unique as you are, but I can promise you one thing...it's time for you to put yourself at the top of your own priority list...you're worth it!

Author's Bio: 

Carrie Greene is a Coach, Professional Organizer and creator of the Escape Your Clutter Boot Camp.

Work with Carrie to get places and get things done on time, figure out your priorities and get the projects that you start done. Cross things off your to-do list, stay focused, get organized, stop procrastinating and keep the motivation and momentum going for the long run.

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