There is an epidemic of self confidence deficiency. This is caused by change. Apparently more change has taken place in the last 40 years than in the whole history of mankind and every one of us is tasked with doing things differently. It is said that if we never experience a lack of confidence it is because we are actually never doing anything new. Unfortunately this epidemic is becoming a major contributor to unhealthy stress, a very different matter from healthy stress.

It therefore makes sense that this epidemic must be aggressively tackled, but first of all everybody who has any semblance of management or leadership responsibility must recognise its existence.

So here are:

Six remedial steps towards prevention and also a cure; it’s not often you can put those two together.

•Step One: No more excuses. Excuses become the justification for the horrible feeling of self confidence deficiency.

•Step Two: Have some positive self-talk (the I CAN and the I AM)

•Step Three: Put fear into context. Mistakes are an opportunity and failure doesn’t happen until you give up

•Step Four: Take extra special care of your appearance. Good outside appearance builds inside confidence

•Step Five: Make an effort to mix and mingle with people who are achieving and have a purpose in life

•Step Six: Keep a record of past success. Just write down all the successes you have had in your life to date.

Author's Bio:
Over the past 20 years Richard has become a legend on the international speaking circuit. The Richard Denny Group is recognised at the forefront of business training, selling, leadership and management, customer care and business growth.