Make these 6 fast earn viral marketing techniques part of your internet marketing plan. Planning is the first and most important step in creating anything. Your plan is the catalyst that will blast you to your desired outcome by keeping you focused.

Whether you’re an internet beginner or advanced, to earn money quick you must mix your mindset with your marketing.

Here’s where to start…

Learn how to create new thoughts and habits.

You need to look into areas of your life that you don't normally look at. It's sort of like exercising muscles you haven't used in a while. It can be uncomfortable or it can be a good thing.

Either way, take it as all part of a process and enjoy it.
Repetition creates new habits, new thoughts, and an improved life. YOU NEED NEW HABITS AND NEW THOUGHTS to live your perfect life. You wouldn't need these if you were already living your perfect life. Right? So start focusing on creating new habits and thoughts TODAY.

Learn how to dominate in your niche - it starts with your product.

Before you even begin to consider your marketing, your priority must focus on creating powerful products with potent benefits. You must have products or services that are unique AND the best in your niche. Without that, all your marketing efforts will be wasted.

Don't go out there as "one of many" because you won't last long, if you even get off the ground.

Learn how to "become your customer".

How well do you relate to your customers and understand them? Identify your ideal customer, then become him. You need to understand him so well, it'll be easy to create products and to market to him because you'll know exactly what his frustrations are. Become your best customer.

Learn how to sticky your web site.

People arrive at your site and decide within seconds if they're going to stay and look around or if they're going to leave. If they stay, they want to know if you have the solution to their problem. If you can provide the help they need, you've got yourself a customer.

You need to be perceived as a legitimate business with easily accessible credentials and proof that your benefits produce what they promise.

Learn how to save yourself an hour a day.

There's no doubt about it. Keeping up with your marketing tasks can be overwhelming. And now, you're establishing new mindset habits to create your ideal life, which takes even more time. More time that you don't have.

Saving yourself an hour a day requires learning more new habits to add to your lifestyle … But it's all worth it if you're end result is creating your ideal life.

Learn how to deploy the path that puts credit card in hand.

The good news is you have complete confidence in your marketing plan. The bad news is you're not able to close the deal without feeling nervous or pushy.

Skilled salespeople consistently close sales by instinctively knowing when it’s time to let the customers make a buying decision. This takes practice – and listening skills.

These steps and more are thoroughly explained in the Mindset With Marketing MindMap Movie Course. There are 12 step by step movies about how to build and expand your business. Your job’s half done because you’re given the exact steps to follow. You simply follow them.

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One of my specialties is mind mapping to grow and expand your business. My mind maps give you step by step diagrams to follow to achieve the keyword in the center of the map. These maps move you faster and more directly to success because the planning part is already done. You simply follow the steps. See free videos at my web site to see how powerful and easy mind mapping is.

I'm also a Joe Vitale (The Secret) Miracles Life Coach. I've combined my mindset and marketing training to create another specialty Mixing Mindset with Marketing. They happen at the same time, so it makes sense to look at them at the same time. When you struggle to build your business, it's not because of lack of skill, but because of mindset barriers, known or unknown, holding you back. I've helped over 200 entrepreneurs learn to "create miracles." See free videos at my web site on how to create miracles.

How will you take control of your financial future in today's recession? Follow my mind maps, get clear about what you want and take specific, proven actions to get you there. I will challenge you, inspire you, motivate you and cheer you on to creating your ideal life.