Some psychics claim their abilities are unique, and they are gifted. Psychic ability, also recognized as intuition ability is indeed gifted. However, everyone is gifted with this ability. This article will show you simple steps to develop and further enhance your intuition. Here is the caveat. They may be simple, but they are not easy. It takes persistence, consistence and practice, just as when you need to learn a musical instrument. The ability to play any musical instrument is in you, but it requires some work to learn and then actually make it happen, for you to someday play the instrument.

1. Create Your Own Emotions. Yes, I’m talking about faking it.
You’ve heard of putting a smile on your face? Regardless of what you were feeling, when you make yourself smile, it creates the new emotion outside-in, and instantly you’d feel differently. As you feel differently, in this case, happier, does the world around you open up and seems brighter? That is why this tip works. As we change our emotions, we become aware of different things. Our feelings, as well as awareness now extend beyond what we were feeling just a moment ago. So you have stretched your scale of emotions. As your capacity of emotions expands, your capacity to receive the information, in the form of energy expands.
Using your sixth sense or intuition is the ability to receive and then interpret the energy from the Universe, our environment and other people and beings.

When you are immersed in your own feelings & emotions, you’re inward focused. To be intuitive requires you – the conscious and the subconscious you - to be alert, “on the lookout” to receive the information.

2. Catch Yourself. Not when you’re falling, but when you have a glimpse of your intuitive information.

Intuitive information could come in like a veiled face and if you don’t stop and stare at it to get it, it would fade in the wind. Write down that bits and pieces of information. Over time, you would be surprised how congruent and insightful the information proves to be. It’s helpful to always carry a journal to log your significant six senses moments, which the energetic information - sixth sense through six senses - is being picked up by your vision, as in clairvoyant, your hearing, your taste & smell, your feelings or your knowingness. After a certain time, you could string these moments together –as you would with pearl – to create the strand of your intuition impression telling you very valuable and helpful information about yourself and your life.

3. Self Love & Self Care
The first & foremost virtue in the spiritual realm, love starts with self. When you are able to hold your own energy intact, all your senses become more acute. All your senses and definitely your sixth sense as channels to receive energy & information become so clear that naturally you’re intuitive. Your body, mind, spirit and emotions are rid of negative influence thus dilutions become clear channel.

4. Tap into the Power of Your Dreams

When your conscious mind shuts down, in your dreaming state, the usually inhibited intuitive powers enter your awareness. For most people, their intuition is either suppressed, denied, ignored or simply not tapped into. To develop your sixth sense, make good use of your dream. Record it in your Dream Journal. As you write down your dreams, notice the emotions and all senses involved in the scenes of the dreams. These are also cues and in fact help sharpen your intuition skills, be it clairvoyant (seeing, images in the dream), clairaudient (hearing, sounds in the dream), or clairsentient (feeling, emotions in the dream) and beyond.

5. Living with Integrity.

Intuition is spirit at work. Your soul doesn’t compromise even if your mind or body does. When the lack of integrity and honesty creates little cracks in your life, obvious or not, on the soul level, your life is compromised, and the ability to fully engage all senses, including your sixth sense are therefore undermined.
This is not a moral discussion, simply a matter of fact that we are spiritual beings. To use your gifted six senses as given by your spirit and soul, your life has to work. The workability is not about smooth-sail, but it’s about keeping your words, and when your words fall through, make another agreement to keep your integrity.

6. Practice, Practice, Practice

Someone learning to cook gourmet & healthy food doesn’t make a perfect dish the first time they drive. You will hone your various life skills over time. Talents, including singing, great memories, and sharpened your sixth sense (and the other senses) take practice, too. Your six senses constantly receive lots of information. By practice, you learn to focus on the information that is helpful for your specific questions and life situation, and ignore the information that is peripheral and irrelevant for the moment. The focused use of your sixth sense come with practice.

Persistence, consistence, practice and patience with yourself when applying these new habits will offer a new way to live, operate your life, a way that welcome and incorporates your healthy sixth sense. Over time, you could expect how you enjoy the peace of mind, the wisdom and your desires become manifested when you follow your sixth sense.

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Bonny is an intuitive spiritual teacher, who teaches, guides and heals hearts & souls. Her work empowers people & transforms lives with truth, compassion and beauty of human being. Her guiding principle as a spiritual teacher & healer is that we are spiritual beings having spiritual experience in a human body.
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