Once when you have put your gardening tools away for the season, you may wonder how you’ll survive until next spring without plants around you. Of course, flowering houseplants are the answer! Whether it is a time to wish someone a happy birthday or it is an occasion, flowers and chocolates is always preferable.

Roorkee, the city famous for many engineering colleges like IIT is a place bustling with a youthful air. And education is undeniably associated with merriments, celebrations, and achievements where celebrations are incomplete without flowers. For the young fanatics, flower delivery online is just a call away. Here are some beautiful flora plants listed below.

1. English rose

English roses like the Abraham Darby’ variety are revered for their large blooms packed with petals and old-world fragrance. They have a better habit than many of the older types and often becoming the star of the garden, they fit in among perennials. You can find English roses in a variety of colors, from white to traditional soft pink to vibrant corals, yellows, and oranges and many of them also rebloom. You can send this England flowers to India via online service providers who offer flower delivery across India.

1. Dinner plate Dahlia

Some people automatically think of giant dinner plate blooms at the mention of dahlias, but the Dahlia genus includes single daisy and small poms like flowers as well. Plant in these annual in full sun, provide plenty of water and fertilizer, and remove all the buds but one to direct plant energy to the large bloom in the plant.


Of all the blossoms around the world, orchid holds a celestial place in the variety of available flowers. Each orchid denotes a different aspect of feelings and sentiments. While purple orchids express the royalty, dignity and the respect one has for their loved one, pink orchids represent love. To convey your heartfelt sentiments, you can even mix the variety and send this mixed flower bouquet to someone special.

4. Oxalis

This little cute plant has clover-like triangular leavers that fold down at night or in dim light conditions. The shamrock-shaped leaves are charming and beautiful. It also makes a fun gift. So without any second thoughts send oxalis online by choosing online florists same-day delivery options to get beautiful oxalis plants.

5. African Violet

African violets are one among the easiest flowering houseplants you can grow. With little effort from you, they bloom several times in a year. African violets like filtered sunlight and warm conditions, but avoid getting water on the fuzzy leaves as it causes ugly brown spots. If you want to gift this amazing plant to your dear ones, you can send flowers to Roorkee with just a few clicks.

6. Flowering Maple

Creep-paper-like blooms in shades of pink, orange, red, or yellow dangle among flowering maple’s leaves like festive lanterns. Many varieties have variegated foliage or splotched for extra interest. It is a fast-growing plant that is almost constantly in bloom.

7. Brazilian Fireworks

Wondering where this plant received its name? The fireworks part of its name comes from two sources. Firstly, in late spring and summer, it sends up deep red flora bracts that develop lavender flowers, creating an explosion of color and as the flowers fade, it shoots out small black seeds that you can grow into even more plants.

Bottom Lines

You can also grow the beautiful flowering plants for their bright colorful blooms and not just for the foliage. Planting beautiful plant life add color and visual interest to the landscape. It also enhances mood and cleanses the air by removing pollutants from the air.

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