Busy! Busy! Busy! In this super high technology world, everyone is hijacked by smartphones, laptops, and social media. What is in your mind? What do you want? Everyone has his wish and desire. Everyone is derived by his goal. Everyone is chased by another for something. Certainly, you cannot be blamed for that. This is our life now. You cannot ask others to follow your rules. You have to follow their rules because you are in a group like the company. Naturally, there are conflicts and struggles to happen every day. What should you do? Why can you not have all them?

Stop! It has to be changed.

From my article “THE 7 KEY ELEMENTS OF A BALANCED LIFE”, you learn more about what elements affect your life:
Internal balance
1. Mind
2. Heart
3. Health

External balance
1. Work & career & financial independence
2. Social relationship
3. Family
4. Fun

No matter what you are up to or how many extra works you have, it could not be wrong to have a balanced life or work-life balance. If you have a demanding boss or parent, it is even harder. I have already covered it all about “How To Create The Balance Of Life” and “How to Keep a Balanced Life”. To encourage you to apply it to your daily life, I make a list to let you know more about the benefits of having a balanced life to improve your life.

1. Improve your mood
Once you have a balance of life, you would feel more content. It can help you have a sound mind and fight against negative thoughts like depression. It can help you revitalize and reenergize. You can release your anger or frustration out. This can improve your mood and keep you active.

2. Less stress
If you have fewer conflicts inside yourself, you certainly have less stress as well. For example, you do not have to push yourself to be on call on weekends. Or you do not have to deal with so much detail-oriented work. That makes your life easier and balanced.

3. Improve health and wellbeing
Do you feel exhausted and tired? Do you feel sleepy because you stay up late for work? Do you not have enough sleep and get sick? These are all signs to tell you that your body is not well and you are about to burn out. There’s nothing wrong to take a break. There is nothing wrong to adjust your path to stay on track. I believe you would agree with me that if you spend too much time working and feel tense, there would be consequences. More stress or suffering would lead to illness. That is why you need to find your balance back and get enough rest and health.

4. More efficient and productive
Imagine that you are completely occupied in working and having no personal life at all. That would lead to a struggle in your mind. You cannot concentrate on what should be done because you keep thinking about other things at work. That makes you work slowly and inefficiently. It is bad both for you and your company.
For example, you just finish a task you’ve been working on for weeks and feel tense. After the job is done, you need to spend time in your personal life or family life. You can have a short vacation or have recreation. You can arrange a comfortable massage to relax. After you have a break and get more energy back, I believe you look at things in a fresh way and work more productively and efficiently.

5. Enjoy yourself
Do you have Monday blue? Are you tired of the same work? Do you have no passion at all? Is your life always the same? It is pretty common to hear what people talk about. Why is that and how does it happen? You do not have to live in that way. Try to enjoy yourself no matter you are at work or play. Try to switch off and have a good time during your leisure time. Try to switch on and focus on your work. All you have to do is to work hard and play hard. Let yourself enjoy the whole process.

6. Have more time for yourself
If you are a person who has a lot of work, you would not find time for yourself easily. You would often tell yourself that you would have a yoga class after you finish your work. Or when your friend asks you out, you would tell him that you can’t make it because you need to work overtime. It’s easy for you to make excuses when you have no free time. Nobody would say you should not do a good job. However, it is a big question mark if your life is all about work and nothing else. To develop a new hobby like making soap or to learn another language are good to stimulate your life and add variation to it. Since you can make your life colorful and happier, I believe that nobody would say no to it.

7. More social life
When you are busying working and need to attend your kids’ first baseball game, what would you do? Would you fail to do it and tell your wife to go there alone? If tomorrow is your first anniversary and you need to meet your client, would you miss the date with your wife? These are common for those who often overwork. After a period of time, no one would invite you or know he would hear a lot of excuses if he asks you out. Or you do not go to your son’s birthday party. The truth is that you miss so much precious moment that you should have with your family and friends. You do not want it to happen. What you should do is spend more time with people that matter to you and enjoy the company of each other company. It is not what work can give you.

The benefit of having a work-life balance is that you can live a life with no negative thoughts and no struggle. You do not have to get stuck in a life that you don’t want. Practice balancing your life and enjoy it.


Author's Bio: 

Author's Bio:
Hello and welcome to my personal balance of life blog https://www.balanceoflife.xyz & read my article!

My name is Madolyn.

I would like to keep track of my progress so as to help me understand the deep inside me and to improve the balance of life. Besides, I have great passion and enthusiasm to share and hopefully to help readers improve their balance of life along the way.

Sincerely, hope you all enjoy yourselves and get what you want.