Have you ever been too nervous to walk into a massage therapist’s room because you didn’t know what to expect? If you have yet to experience a professional massage, but believe it’s something you’d actually enjoy, then maybe you need a little more incentive to get you through the door. Allow me to share some incentives with this list of massage benefits to help you take that first step--and get your body healing on! Once you face your fears and release your inhibitions, you'll be amazed at how healing a massage is...and how good it feels! (Then you'll probably kick yourself for not getting one sooner.)

If you've already experienced the wondrous benefits of massage, then I don't need to preach to the choir. But if you know someone who won't get a massage, for various reasons, why not show them this list of massage benefits? After all, at one point or another, we've all needed a little convincing to help us be more open and receptive to this healing art.

Seven Benefits Of Experiencing and Enjoying A Professional Massage

1.Your Blood Circulation Improves

A massage can actually improve the blood circulating to both the skin and muscles while lowering blood pressure, too. Massages on areas that are highly susceptible to cellulite can see real benefits, as it smooths the skin. Regular massage also helps prevent varicose veins from appearing.

2. It Raises The Body’s Immune System

According to numerous studies, a massage can boost the number of white blood cells in the blood stream, allowing you to stay healthy, fit and able to fight off illness.

3.It Can Alleviate Anxiety and Depression

A massage can reduce the cortisol levels in the brain. Cortisol is a stress hormone that gives the fight or flight response the body feels, and it also raises the body’s blood pressure and tension. Studies conducted have shown that people who have massages have immediate increases of both dopamine and serotonin levels, which are mood stabilizing hormones.

4. It Can Raise Your Self-Esteem

A massage can make you feel good that you’ve treated yourself to something nice. After all, it’s nice to have someone being 100 percent attentive to you during your appointment time. Who gets that kind of attention outside a massage appointment? You’ll also discover that most massage therapists don’t judge, but rather, they're genuinely interested in helping you feel better, so you shouldn’t feel self-conscious about how you look.

5. You Can Enjoy and Experience Relaxation

When you’re getting massaged, you can’t move, but you’ll feel content. All you have to do during the massage is lay there and enjoy. In fact, there’s a highly probable chance you could fall asleep from being so relaxed. It’s likely you’ll be lying on your stomach on the massage bed that probably has a hole where you place your face so your nose isn't smashed and your neck stays straight, so you can be totally comfortable while you relax and enjoy!

6. It Alleviates Tension and Stress

When your muscles are stressed and tied in knots, a deep tissue massage can help alleviate them. Therapists can work hard on a certain area to relieve any pain and discomfort you may be feeling in your particular trouble spots. But don't worry, your therapist will communicate with you to make sure the pressure they exert on you is just the right touch. Sometimes light touch massage does wonders, as well.

7. It’s Highly Sensory

Having someone touch your body can be a highly intensive experience because of the sensation it gives. The room is likely to be filled with relaxing music and dimmed light, allowing all your senses to become relaxed. This allows the sense of touch to be heightened so you can more fully enjoy the massage as you relax. You can then take this touch sense feeling home with you, and maybe experience the joy of giving a massage to someone else. Whether they're your friend, lover, sibling or parent...they'll surely appreciate it, since many people are happy to get some relief from stress and tension. And you will, too, because it feels good to give massage, too!

Of course, before you get your first massage, it’s important to speak with your doctor. If you’re pregnant, make sure to employ the services of a pregnancy massage specialist. Any person suffering with cancer, cardiac disease, osteoporosis or any blood diseases should speak with their doctor to find the right massage for them.

An experienced body healer can help bring relief and healing to your body, mind and soul, no matter what shape you're in. Just find the right one, and stay open to receiving the healing.

Also keep in mind that various massage techniques have been designed to work on different body parts. Thus, you don’t have to stick to one form of massage therapy. But the more often you get a massage, the more benefits you'll get, and the more you'll experience the healing results.

These are just some of the numerous benefits to having a massage. The skin is connected to the central nervous system (CNS), and the CNS is connected to, well...all the rest of you. So the benefits of massage go beyond our full understanding. Many people report feeling the benefits of their massage even several days afterward, having heightened exuberance, and a serene calm that fills the void where stress once resided.

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Seraphina Filson is a health enthusiast, writer, professional student, and proud mother who enjoys reading about body contouring and being a fan of Sono Bello on LinkedIn and Sono Bello on Indeed.com.