Smoking is injurious to health is a commonly known fact now. That is why the trend of using vaporizers is getting more popular day by day. People like to quit smoking that is highly disliked by many people and turning to vaporizing that is much safer and acceptable. Now the options are endless in vaping world, where you can vape e juice or herbs of your choice and even essential oils are in the market to vape away for a healthy lifestyle and more efficient vaping experience.

Here are 7 major benefits of herbal vaporizer vs smoking.

1-Not Harmful

The first and foremost benefit of herbal vaporizers is that it does not emit toxins and carcinogens while producing the fumes. In smoking the material combust while on fire and harmful toxin are released to the air that cause cancer and respiratory disease for the smoker and the people inhaling that combusted substances. On the other hand, herbal vaporizers don’t use the rule of combustion and burning the herbs and sending tar and chemicals to the lungs and the environment. Herbal vaporizer heats up the herbs and dehydrates them of their beneficial contents. Thus, it is much healthier option for the people who were on to smoking for a long period of time.

2- Health Benefits

Herbal vaporizers work two ways. On one hand herbal vaporizers do not harm your health and on the other hand they are quite beneficial for health. It is scientifically proven that while vaping, 95% of beneficial elements in herbs are inhaled by the vaper. Vaping is clean and pure. The soothing herbal essence is advantageous for health in many ways.


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Smoking involves a lot of smoke because of the burning of the material. Countless harmful and dangerous chemicals are released into air through that smoke. Moreover, people feel uncomfortable around the smoker because of the smoke and odour produced by smoking. Herbal vaporizers do not produce thick smoke clouds that are filled with tar and lead. Vaping produces thin fumes that are odourless and disappear instantly without making any unpleasant effect on the environment and the surrounding persons.

4- Publically Acceptable

Smoking is looked down upon publicly and prohibited in most of public places. Thanks to the modern sleek vaporizers without any smoke emission, vapers can vape away in parties, restaurants, offices and homes without any complaint and disliking from the people. Therefore, there is no need of worrying about enjoying your favourite herbal vaporizer at any place.


Due to its rising popularity and usage herbal vaporizers are now available in a variety of new stylish and sleek designs. These vaporizers are portable and can be easily handheld and are chargeable with USB. There are many colours available in the market. Especially for ladies who like herbal vaping colourful vaporizers are fashion statement. So, carrying them around enhances your style and bestow contemporary look.

6-No Residue

Cigarette buds and ashes are annoying. Herbal vaporizers eliminate these unwanted ashes that contaminate air and spreads on clothes, hair and carpets. With herbal vaporizers available in the market a healthy environment can be maintained without accumulation of cancerous ashes of cigarettes in the environment.

7-Cost -Effective

Last but not the least benefit of using herbal vaporizers is its cost effectiveness. Smoking is no doubt a very expensive habit and it costs thousands of dollars annually to one user. Comparatively, vaping is not heavy at all on the pocket. It is a truth that a quality herbal vaporizer costs a lot but it’s a long-term investment for a healthy life style. Because there is no combustion process is involved in vaping that is why less material is used and costs a far less than smoking.

Keeping in view these 7 major benefits of herbal vaporizer vs smoking, it confirms that herbal vaporizer is a smart choice to avoid lethal diseases and yet enjoy and secure the health benefits of the herbs.

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