We all would love to groom our dogs ourselves. After all, the act of keeping our dogs clean and well-groomed presents us with yet another excuse to bond with them some more.

However, your pooch might be better off with professional dog grooming. Let's look at the benefits that both you and that cute four-legged member of your family will enjoy when you choose to visit the dog groomer instead.

1. Saves Time and Effort
Most dog owners take a lot of joy in grooming their dogs, but even they have to admit that the entire process takes a lot of time, effort, and patience.

Unless your dog is the type that stays perfectly still as you brush, shampoo, and rinse, you'd practically be wrestling with him or her through it all. It's not uncommon for dog owners to end up soaked, too. Some even sustain scratches after struggling to keep their dogs still.

Grooming a dog also creates a mess in the bathroom or any part of your home where you do it. After spending some time grooming your dog, you'll be spending more time cleaning up that mess.

Leave the dog grooming to a professional, and you won't have to go through any of the above.

2. Safer Nail Trimming
Countless dog owners have attempted to trim their dogs' nails and ended up traumatizing themselves and their beloved canines because they cut into the “quick,” which is made up of blood vessels and nerves.

While dog owners can learn the skill of trimming dog nails without cutting into the quick and causing them to bleed and suffer pain, it's still best to have a trained professional groomer do it.

Most, if not all, dogs hate getting their nails trimmed, but professional dog groomers know tricks to make them more cooperative. The more behaved your dog is during the nail trimming, the less likely it would be for the groomer to cut into the "quick."

Professional dog groomers also know better than to cut dogs' nails too short. They make sure the nails are cut to the appropriate length.

3. The Right Grooming Tools
Professional dog groomers always have appropriate grooming tools—and the skill and experience to use them—at their disposal. They have the exact type of brush that is best for your dog's hair, sturdy combs for removing hair knots, and electric clippers to remove excess fur, among other things.

Each dog has specific grooming needs, and professional dog groomers have the tools and equipment to deal with them all.

4. Parasite Detection
When professional dog groomers start working on a dog, they will immediately check every square inch of the canine's body for parasites like fleas and ticks. If they find some, they will make sure to remove them during the bath and the drying process.

5. Detection of Abnormalities
It's standard procedure for professional dog groomers to check dogs for lumps, rashes, discolored skin, bald patches, skin lesions, and other abnormalities when grooming them.

Should they detect any of the above, they will pass the information on to you so you can bring your dog to the vet to check for potential illnesses.

6. Proper Massage
We love cuddling with our dogs, and they love it, too. However, they sure can use a proper massage, which they can't get no matter how much we cuddle and play with them.

Professional groomers know a dog's muscle groups, which makes them capable of giving your dog a healthy, relaxing, and pleasurable massage that will de-stress your pet.

7. Valuable Grooming Tips
Professional groomers may not be veterinarians, but they know enough about dogs to be able to give out tips regarding their grooming.

For example, they know that if your dog's skin is too oily or dry, you have to make adjustments to your pet's diet, and they can make recommendations to help you do that. They can also provide tips for daily dog grooming, from the right brushing techniques to the proper way to clean their teeth.

While it's true that taking your dog to a groomer is going to cost you, the sight, feel, and smell of your dog after a professional grooming session will definitely make everything worth it.

Author's Bio: 

Christy Mara is the Content Marketer of Canine Preferred, an all-encompassing dog grooming service, serving Arizona’s furry friends since 1975. Her advocacy has always been proper animal care, but she fulfills her passion for creating dioramas in her spare time.