Finding professional BPO services that support your business growth on equal terms is difficult. Let’s be honest, this decision is huge, and requires a lot of brainstorming. Once the owner of the company decides that it is about time to outsource business operations, the next thing to decide is whether you want to consult a single-source BPO company or multiple service providers.
In the complex globalized business structure, hiring a single source BPO provider has many benefits that it lends to businesses. Not only this, supply chain optimization, consistent production value, and valuable relation between all stakeholders are some additional rewards.

Single-source BPO services utilize resources and streamline operations more efficiently. You don’t have to communicate with a lot of people and deal with interoperability issues. Rather a mutual understanding of two companies forms the firm ground of valued production.
Given below are some of the advantages that a single-source business process outsourcing company offers to businesses.

1.Improved Sense of Accountability

It is the major reason why you should choose a single outsourcing provider. Hiring a single company makes it solely responsible for the entire work. The performance is completely its issue. Either it messes up or achieves excellence; it can’t put blame on others.
When a company has all the responsibility on its shoulders, it strives to generate higher quality results for businesses.

2.Enhanced Performance Tracking

A single source BPO provider takes all the responsibility for the project. Hence, from the start to the completion phase, performance tracking becomes easier. As there are not many vendors involved and transparency of operations can be seen clearly.
Businesses can input their feedback in each phase and accordingly take results for smoother operations.

3.Higher Resource Utilization

Before hiring an outsourcing company, you make sure that the chosen one has the ability to match your production value. Thus, instead of wasting time on multiple BPO vendors, businesses have to communicate their requirements to a single-source outsourcing company.
A single-source BPO understands your required task and utilizes its resources more efficiently in accordance with the operations. It saves time, and you can spend your investments in critical fields.


Who can say no to outsourcing, when businesses can save some bucks? Choosing a single vendor makes a single company responsible for all tasks. Hence, additional management issues are cut down.
You only have to decide once about all the expenses and don’t have to pay different vendors that are pressure in case of multiple vendor sources. It helps in accommodating a competitive price for the final consumers. Consequently, businesses gain more profit.

5.Increased Production Value

Performance factor increases when you hire a single vendor. The development cycle runs under a single company, and they know about the progress and efficiency of operations. All team members understand responsibilities better and deal with risks and issues countered in the process collectively.

6.Multiplication of Quality Standards
The quality of work surely increases when a single company takes charge of all the work. The consistency of work pace and productivity adds up to user-friendly experience and customer satisfaction. Thus, the brand’s image improves.

7.Fast-Pace of Workflow

A single contract leads to responsive and improved efficiency of work. The delivery of products or services in a specified time becomes easy without any quality lapse. This possibility flourishes when you connect with a single outsourcing platform.

A healthy relationship between two companies is maintained that leave the struggle of interacting with more than one BPO services.

Before hiring a BPO provider, it is no doubt important to watch out for each aspect, depending upon the support you required and the type of clientele. However, a single source BPO company as IPS USA has it all that can make your company’s growth elevate.
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