Electricity is an important part of our daily lives. From the second we wake up, to the instant we go to bed, we all use it. But, we often forget how dangerous electricity and electrical appliances can be if you don’t take the right care.
The study says electricity is a great cause of deaths and serious injuries every year across the world including fires. Accidental house fires destroy many homes.
Of course, the increase of modern equipment has increased the danger. If you go back 20 years you will see that most families only used a simple electrical system and one TV. In 2019, most families have two or three TVs, video games, computers, DVD players, an outpost receiver and several domestic appliances in the bedroom and kitchen.
Always try to keep your home safe and you should be aware of electrical dangers in your home. Improve electrical safety at your place by the following points:
1. Check all your electrical outlets regularly
Clogged outlets are the major reason for electrical fires in homes. Never go above the utmost power utilization permitted to keep away from dangers. Standard electrical openings should only power a few volts. To avoid overloading ask an expert about the consumption of your appliances.
2. Have a qualified professional for repairing your appliances
Don’t try to repair appliances when they are plugged in. Many house owners had seriously injured while doing repairing tasks on their own. Call a certified and licensed professional to repair items in your place. It is the safest way to avoid accidents and electrical injuries.
3. Don’t touch electrical devices with wet hands
It can be dangerous to touch an electric shaver or iron with wet hands. You can fall badly. Ensuring safety, always make your hands dry before you touch electrical appliances. It is because water is an excellent conductor of electricity. So you have increased risk if you touch them with wet hands.
4. Wear shoes while using power apparatus
Handling outside power tools wears proper dresses and shoes. You may burn your hands or you may get an electric shock. Also, wear safety eyeglasses, earplugs, and gloves to keep you protected from dangers.
5. Don’t use water to extinguish electrical fires
If you see fire coming out from any outlet, do not try to douse it with water. It can increase the intensity of the fire. Rather use a chemical fire extinguisher to stop it. Professionals recommend that every household should place a fire extinguisher and everyone should know its use to avoid accidents.
6. Secure your home with GFCI’s
GFCI’s or ground fault circuit interrupters protect your home against shock hazards. It is an important requirement for households. If your home is very old inspect it and install ground fault circuit interrupters.
7. Make sure that the lights are secure
Do the lights turn off without any reason at your place? Watch closely if they are flickering or stable. Loose or broken wires can cause dangerous fire anytime. So, use the best quality Sydney power tools always. Call a professional to check the switches, lights, and other devices and increase safety at your place.
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