Forex brokers are financial intermediaries who provide a regulated and stable platform for buying and selling foreign currencies. The Forex market is one of the biggest markets globally, where every day, $6.5 trillion is traded. They are of fundamental importance in any economy. But it is also seen in the market that some unscrupulous people have jumped into this business and do all these trading activities illegally. So, one should be aware of them because illegal financial activities can land one in prison. That's why we are at this moment providing you the list of seven best Regulated Forex Brokers in the USA: -

1- IG

IG is the most trusted forex trading platform with a trust score of 99, which stands it out from its competitors. If someone is learning forex trading for educational purposes, then IG is best. IG is made and designed keeping the beginners in mind, and they provide very good content and material on their app named IG Academy. There are more than 19000 tradable instruments on the IG broker platform, and you can trade almost every currency in the whole world. IG provides competitive pricing so that its users get the most affordable price available in the entire market. The minimum deposit required on IG is £250.

2- AvaTrade

AvaTrade is also an educational purpose-orientated forex trading platform. AvaTrade provides nearly forty-four forex options and over 1200 CFDs. The best part of AvaTrade is the minimum deposit amount required to open the Demat account. It is just £100. So, anyone willing to learn and change the currency at competitive and reasonable rates should surely give a chance to AvaTrade. AvaTrade stands in the top list of trust values as well. It scores 93 in the trust index.

3- is a brilliant option for those who want to know how the forex market works and how to earn good money. gives a sound base to them, and the most attractive component is the minimum deposit amount required to do forex trading. It is just $20, so it has a subscription for many beginners. There are multiple forex instruments as well, near 4056. It also stands well on the trust index with an average score of 73. 

4- Plus500

Most of the brokers in the forex market are not user-friendly. They develop applications in a manner that shows unworthy and useless things and data. To a beginner who doesn't understand that much and has basic knowledge only, Plus500 is the best option. It has a wide range of CFDs to select and has 1896 tradable forex Instruments. With its simplified and minimalistic user interface, beginners are very benefited. 


TMGM is one of the best forex trading platforms in the market. It has many educational articles and other instruments to learn more about forex trading. TMGM broker platform is famous for its competitive commission rates on edge accounts. Also, a wonderful factor responsible for its popularity in the market is its low and affordable deposit amount which is just $100. There are approximately 12000 tradable Instruments, which pumps its trust score to 74. 

6- eToro

Some users don't want to interfere in the money market. They want to make money. eToro forex broker platform is best for these types of users. It has the state-of-the-art forex trading copy feature. With the help of this feature, one can copy the trading pattern of any big player among a large number of investors. It also has some exclusive markets to trade, and with its simplistic user interface, beginners also find no problem in trading. 

7- CMC Markets

CMC Markets is a superb option available to users who want less trading costs without compromising the number of forex instruments. With more than 11000 forex Instruments and robust articles and research materials, CMC Markets stands out from every other player in the market. It has every feature needed for every type of user, whether beginner or advanced. It is regarded as one of the best forex trading broker platforms.

So, according to ForexRecommend, these were the seven best forex brokers in the USA. They are suitable for every type of user, whether learner or trainer, beginner or advanced. 

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