Do you suffer from the symptoms of nausea, abnormal belching or a heartburn? If these symptoms are associated with a severe discomfort in your upper abdomen, you could be suffering from a condition called acid reflux!

Don’t worry! You can definitely get rid of the problem! Here is everything that you need to know about acid reflux along with the best home remedies that will give you a permanent relief from the symptoms.

What Causes An Acid Reflux?

Is acid reflux caused due to abnormal eating habits? Yes, it surely does! But, there are a lot of other factors which can also contribute to this condition and one of the prime factors is a hiatal hernia.

What is Hiatal Hernia?

Understanding hiatal hernia is quite simple. A hernia is the most common term that comes into picture whenever there is a dislocation of an internal body part. Unfortunately, the dislocation is most common to occur in the area of the abdomen but why do we call it a hiatal hernia? Read on to know.

There is a muscular wall present in between your chest cavity and your abdomen which is called a hiatus. A hiatus is usually the opening of the diaphragm. When you suffer from a hiatal hernia, the hiatus which is part of the stomach bulges out into your chest cavity through the diaphragm and this condition is known as a hiatal hernia.

Hiatal Hernia to Acid Reflux – The Defining Cause of the Disease

You could have perhaps learnt in your elementary school that the food that you eat passes down through your oesophagus and we all are familiar with the word oesophagus for the weird way of pronouncing it, but do you also know that a minor change in the functioning of oesophagus causes an acid reflux?

Here is what exactly happens! When you eat food, it passes down through your oesophagus which is a connecting link between your mouth and your stomach.

The opening of the esophagus which is known as the lower esophageal sphincter that should close when the food passes through it but this does not happen when a person is suffering from a hiatal hernia because of which the acids produced in your stomach move up through the esophagus into the chest and this condition is known as acid reflux.

Some other causes of Acid reflux apart from hiatal hernia

• Abnormal eating habits (especially late night meals)
• Lying down immediately after having meals
• Excessive intake of caffeine and alcohol
Obesity or overweight
• Certain medications for (Depression, anxiety, high blood pressure and osteoporosis)

The Most Common Symptoms Of Acid Reflux

Abnormal belching, nausea and heartburn are undoubtedly the most common symptoms that occur due to various stomach disorders, but these three major symptoms definitely prove that you are suffering from acid reflux which are

1) Dyspepsia – Indigestion which causes a severe pain in the middle part of your stomach
2) Heartburn which is caused due to the movement of acids from your stomach into your chest
3) Wet burps which occur when the acids move through your throat, into your mouth, which results in an abnormal belching.

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If you have been very frequently suffering from the acid reflux symptoms, your condition can be termed as Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

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