When you're breastfeeding, you need to treat your sensitive breasts with the utmost care. For a smooth feeding experience, you must purchase the right nursing bras. A lot of women don't know where to begin and end up with the wrong nursing bras. When buying nursing bras online, avoid these some common pitfalls to make your breastfeeding journey easier.

#Shopping Too Soon

Every woman is different, and so is every pregnancy. It's nearly impossible to predict how your breasts will respond to breastfeeding because every woman's milk supply is different. While some women don't experience a significant change in cup size, others go a cup size up to four times.

Most experts agree that the best time to buy a nursing bra is 3-4 months after delivery because this is the time when your milk supply is fully established and regulated. If you want to purchase maternity bras before delivery, wait until you enter the third trimester. By then, you will have undergone the most significant physical changes.

#Forgetting Other Styles

Just as you wear different dresses for different occasions, you'll find different nursing bras styles to suit your needs. For some women, one high-quality nursing bra works well for lounging, sleeping, and going out, while for others, having different bra styles makes life much more comfortable.

There are several bra styles available to choose from, ranging from sleep nursing bras to tank-top bras. However, the most feasible option is to have a wire-free bra with quick, easy nursing access that is perfect to wear both day and night.

#To Be Dressed in Wrong Size Bra

According to researchers, over 85% of women dress in the wrong size bra. Since wearing an incorrect size can cause you ligament damage or long-term sagging, it's crucial to get correctly fitted nursing bras. If you purchase your nursing bras too early, you may end up buying the wrong size.

For getting the right size, it's best to purchase nursing bras approximately 15 days after birth. If you're purchasing before childbirth, it's ideal to buy in the 8th month, as this is the time when the size of your breasts remains fairly close to the same size a few weeks after birth. If you are buying online, then don't forget to check the size guide.

#Comprising Quality Over Price

Another mistake most women make when buying a nursing bra is sacrificing quality for the price. The low-quality, cheap bras lose elasticity after a few washes, which is essential to support fluctuating breasts in-between feeding. So always invest in high-quality nursing bras that last longer and make you feel comfortable.

When buying a nursing bra, make sure the elastic band is soft enough and remain firm. A good quality nursing bra is made with highly stretchable and breathable fabrics that feel soft to touch. Look for quality, and comfort will follow you wherever you go.

#Neglect 4 to 6 Hooks and Eyes on the Back Band

When you buy a nursing bra post-pregnancy, make sure it has a broad and sturdy back band with a minimum of four hooks and eyes to allow easy loosening and tightening of the bra post-birth as your rib cage contracts. The back band is responsible for 80% support of your bra; hence this is very crucial.

#Choosing a Bra by Cup Size

It's so common for moms to purchase nursing bras based on cup size. However, it's worth mentioning that the size of the cup is not a standard. Means, you may be a B cup size with one band size but a C with another size band. The right way to choose a nursing bra is by measuring the numerical band size of your 'Underbust' and the 'Overbust.'

#Buying a Bra with Extra Room in the Cup

A lot of mommies make the grievous mistake of purchasing nursing bras with extra room in the cup. They think that the spare room in the cup will cater to the change in size in-between feeding. However, you should avoid making this common mistake because an ill-fitting cup won't provide your breasts the much-needed support. Instead, purchase a high quality, fitted-cup nursing bra with stretchy fabric on the top of the cup and the extra hooks on the back band to allow room for the change in the size of breasts as they produce milk.

How to Measure Your Maternity or Nursing Bra Size?

The best time to measure for a good fit is midday, when your breasts are full, right before a feeding session. You can easily determine the right fit with the help of a tape measure. Here's how!

#Under Bust/Band Measurement

Wear your most comfortable bra at the moment and stand up straight, keeping your breathing relaxed. Now wrap the tape measure around your chest, just beneath your breasts. Make sure the tape measure is taut and as straight as possible. This is your Band size.

#Bust Measurement

Now take the second measurement. This time wrap the tape measure around the fullest part of your bust and your back. Make sure to keep the tape measure fairly straight. This is your Bust size.

#Cup Measurement

To calculate your cup size, subtract the band size from the bust size. Your bra size will be 'your band size plus your cup size.'

Since different manufacturers measure bra size and cup size in various ways, it's highly recommended you check the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer, particularly when buying online.

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