The birds are the excellent ability to fly in the sky but it is true that you can find some birds those are not able to fly due to various reasons. Huge ranges of the flightless birds are present around the world today. The people only know some of the flightless birds like penguin, ostrich, and others. Some birds not so much popular among the people and most of us try to learn more about these animals. The birds hold up the special characteristics. The flightless birds look flimsy but are so powerful and strong.

Here are the 7 birds those Cannot Fly


This is the most popular bird that cannot able to fly. The list is incomplete without the penguin. All the species of this bird is not capable to fly. On the other hand, the bird spends most of the time on swimming and diving. The distinctive waddling walk attracts the bird watcher. This is found in Antarctica. The people see most of the species of this bird in the high altitude. The wings look like flippers and expert. Each and every one has white creatures and small black.

Steamer duck:

Four different species of the steam duck is seen in the world. This is almost available in the southern parts of South America. But, three of the species is not able to fly. One of the species of the bird is able to fly. This is regarded as the animals that swim over the water and smacks their wings. They also kill the water birds. The bird looks like a paddle wheel powered steamboat. It is the destructive bird and takes care of the chicks and nests.


This is another bird that normally found in New Zealand. This one holds brown color. It is considered as the chicken-sized bird. It comes up from the rail family that is omnivores. This type of bird can able to eat the worms, insects, berries, seeds, and others. The bird is very intelligent that perfect for the crops and gardens. It acts as the skilled swimmer. The bird steals the small objects and foods as they like. It magnetizes the shiny objects.


It is labeled as the king of the bird. It is the biggest living bird that able to rise up to nine feet. It acquires the weight of 300 pounds. The egg is found in five inches and three pounds. It has the powerful legs that able to run up to forty-five miles. It is usually present in desert land and savanna. It has the pink necks and legs. It manages the long feet, excellent eyelash, and powerful legs.


Five species of the kiwi is present in New Zealand. This looks like brown chicken-sized birds. It keeps up the soft and hair like the feather, vestigial wings, and others. They manage the nostrils that present at the tip of the bills. The birds are very admiring that produces the largest eggs when compared to the body size. It is the national symbol of New Zealand. The external nostril takes the bird to access the sense of smell.


The bird is also called as owl parrot that found in New Zealand. It maintains the own face, penguin stance and duck walk. The birds look is very beautiful but also stranger along with the green-brown feathers. It is the heaviest parrot in the world. It produces the jug band sound. The sound of the bird can spread to half a mile. It has the sturdy legs that able to walk quite miles each day.


It is the native to New Zealand. It is seeking and hike species. It just looks like the hen that is regarded as the largest rail in the world. It holds the colorful character by means of the bright green and blue plumage and red bill. It is a remarkable longevity bird that lives for enough period of time. It takes the grass and grass seeds as the food.

The above list comprises of the popular birds those are not able to fly. Each and every one has the unique and special characteristics. You can discover more information about the special things about the animals and birds.

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