An entrepreneur is above all one who seeks to train by himself to increase his skills. This is why certain books are essential to the success of an entrepreneur due to their high added value. I have selected 7 here which seem essential to me.

1. How to Make Friends

A classic in personal development where the first edition was published in 1936 and today a bestseller translated into 37 languages, sold over 40 million copies and advised by the best management schools.

This book talks about communication, ideas or motivation to succeed in your personal, but also professional life. It consists of 4 main parts (influence, sympathy, point of view, being a leader).

For example, he states very simply that "to be interesting, be interested". He uses a lot of stories from famous people who knew how to be successful in business: “Franklin D. Roosevelt knew that one of the easiest and most effective ways to please people is to remember their names and to make them feel their importance ”.

The little advice from the book: Take the time to take an interest in others (their motivation, passion, health), even if they only come across your life for a few minutes or are at your service.

2. The 4 hour week

Living better, working less and earning more: that's what the book “the 4-hour week” promises. It is a completely new organizational system that aims to be very effective. Tim started to become an expert in the organization when he worked during his first jobs as a student and realized in 1 hour what a traditional employee did in several hours. Since then, he hasn't stopped finding hundreds of time-saving tips.

This book talks about simple actions to implement such as the information diet: replace TV and negative information with non-fiction books to train. A whole chapter is also of the “automatic pilot” to have the least things to manage possible and in particular financial income.

The little advice from the book: Bet on the 20% of actions that bring you 80% of the results.

3. Influence and manipulation

To succeed as an entrepreneur, knowing how to influence and persuade your partners and customers is essential. It is an essential book in the art of sales, the main driver of the entrepreneur. You will learn through this book how to positively influence people and thus increase your turnover.

For example, in his book he explains “that another way to manipulate similarity in order to increase sympathy is to pretend to have things in common with the person you want to persuade”. This increases confidence. This is why in sales speeches, we find a lot of sentences like “I too have known that” or “maybe you too are feeling”.

It's an excellent book filled with real stories, a very pleasant writing style that we would still like despite the 400 pages.

The little advice from the book: Make the little extra effort that will make you sympathetic to the eyes of your customers such as sending a greeting card during festive periods.

4. Think and get rich

How to condition and attract wealth? The whole philosophy of this book has become a bestseller. These are not practical strategies, but a state of mind to adopt. Indeed, 80% of success depends on the mind of the entrepreneur. The author even begins his book with a catchy phrase “You have in your hands one of the most powerful books in the world”.

Composed in 15 chapters, it tries to show you that your beliefs are often limiting to gain success. He explains, for example, that perseverance changes the character of a man like carbon turns iron into steel. With persistence, develop in yourself, as if by magic, the conditions for your financial success.

The little advice from the book: Above all, you have to believe in its success Named Swaggartism .

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