Traveling to another country is an exciting journey, but it can also be a difficult journey as well. Before traveling to another country you must do a great deal of research about the country. You need to know about the food, culture, language, and most of all the best places to visit. If you plan on traveling to multiple locations around a country you have to rent a car and understand all of the rules of the road. This is a difficult challenge for anyone. If you plan on visiting Japan there are a lot of things that you need to know about the country to ensure the best experience possible. Here are the top things to know if you plan on visiting Japan.

#1) Try A Cruise of Japan

A Japan cruise makes exploring the country so much easier. You are able to travel to multiple destinations and tourist areas without the hassle of having to travel on your own. You can easily leave the ship and explore the area for hours. When you are done visiting you simply board the ship again and wait for them to go to the next location. This is the easiest way to explore a country that is very spread out.

#2) The Culture Is Different

If you want to experience something brand new Japan is definitely a top place to visit. Japan has a completely different culture than what we are used to. The language, food, dress, customs, habits, and interactions are completely different between Americans and Japanese people. Touring Japan gives you the opportunity to explore the country and take in the beautiful sights while also learning about a new culture.

#3) Japan is Safe

Japan is one of the safest countries to travel to in all of the worlds. When we visit other countries we are often concerned about our own personal safety. While it is important for everyone to remain safe, Japan minimizes your risks. You can easily walk around the cities and not feel in danger.

#4) Use A Rail Pass

If you want to travel around the entire country of Japan you may not want to rent a car. Renting a car is a big hassle so luckily there is another way to explore. You can purchase a Japan Rail Pass that allows you to explore all of the countries. You can purchase a variety of styles of passes that are good for your needs. This pass will work on the bullet train, commuter trains, ferries, and buses. This is an easy and convenient way to travel to the country. It can also help you save money and tour at your own pace.

#5) Tipping Is Taboo

In American culture, we all tip regularly at restaurants, hair salons, and other areas. In Japan, you are not supposed to tip. Servers are not used to getting tips and will think you overpaid if you try to tip them. While you are not supposed to tip you should always carry cash in Japan. Most places in Japan will not accept credit cards so it is crucial that you always have cash on you.

#6) Must-Try Sushi

If you are a fan of sushi you should enjoy all the sushi you can get in Japan. Japan has the best sushi in all of the world and no matter where you get it from you will be happily surprised. There are many different kinds of sushi and it is all freshly made. If you want the best sushi of your life you must try it when you visit Japan.

#7) Don’t Point

Similar to other cultures, Japanese people consider pointing to be rude. You should not point when you are out in public in Japan. People will look at you and consider you to be impolite. You should learn about their customs so you can make sure that you do not offend anyone.

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