It's not at all surprising to see a celebrity looking drop-dead gorgeous. From Jessica Biel to Jennifer Lawrence, many of these superstars have gained access to effective skin secrets that help keep their skin looking gorgeous at all times. If you want to get your own skin in tip-top condition, try using these skin secrets of the stars: 

1. Fast.

Although many people fast for spiritual reasons, the stars often do it for their skin. It works for several reasons, including the fact that abstinence from food enables the body to start removing toxins that are embedded in the deep tissues. Once this happens, we're less likely to experience the extrication of toxins through the skin in the form of acne.

2. Change Your Pillowcase.

Unfortunately, our pillowcases are a breeding ground for dirt and debris. When we press our cheeks against a dirty pillowcase, the result can be the onset of acne. The stars are often warned about this by their beauty advisors, and now that you know this secret you can use it to help keep your skin acne free! 

3. Let Your Skin Breathe. 

Although you may be used to seeing celebrities wearing a full face of glamorous make-up on the Red Carpet or runway, they don't always look like this. Why? Because they know the importance of letting their skin "breathe." If our faces are constantly covered with heavy cosmetics, dirt and debris can build up. This puts us on the road to Zit City. To avoid this challenge, remember to go light on your make-up or even cosmetic free sometimes. 

4. Do Yoga

Yoga is an effective way to get great skin because the perspiration it induces helps release toxins from the body. Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence is a big proponent of diet and exercise (including yoga) to achieve a flawless complexion. The stars know this-and now you know it, too! Begin by practicing deep breathing. Controlling your breathing while counting the number of breaths you take will help reinvigorate your mind which in turn relaxes your skin and promotes a healthy complexion. Shirshasana, a more advanced yoga pose which involves standing on the head, will help you maintain an enduring glow and youthful look in your face. While not an easy move to master, it’s one of the most effective poses for retaining youthful skin.

5. Eat Fruit.

Sometimes we think stars are using complex, super expensive tricks to get great skin, but oftentimes they're doing super cheap and simple things like eating fruit. Because eating fruit cleanses our internal system while also helping with the production of skin-enhancing collagen, it is a great skin secret that you should start using. 

6. Do Not Sleep In Your Make-up. 

Oftentimes, we find ourselves feeling super tired after a long day of work or school. This leads to us plopping into bed with a full face of make-up on. Yet the celebrities know this is a big no-no, and that's why they take pains to remove their cosmetics before they hit the hay. If you find that you lack the energy to do this once it's time to go to bed, place cosmetic-removing towelettes at your bed side so you can just swipe your face a few times before you fall asleep. 

7. At-home Microdermabrasian. 

While we oftentimes think that celebrities look great because they're always flocking in to a beauty center for professional consultations, they also know the importance of taking care of themselves when away from the professionals. In many cases, celebrities ensure that their skin looks awesome at all times by making use of at-home microdermabrasian kits. Microdermabrasian kits rid the skin of excess oil, debris, and flaky patches that can cause the skin to look dull and dry. There are a variety of cost-effective kits flying off the shelves of the local supermarkets, so be sure to get one for yourself.

8. Botox

According to botox specialists in Salt Lake City, Botox is an easy non-surgical treatment that temporarily smooths skin. Stars such as Cameron Diaz and Nicole Kidman have used Botox to inject a dose of youth into their appearance.

Botox is a neurotoxin that causes paralysis of various muscles. Keep in mind however that Botox should always be injected by a professional. If Botox is injected into the wrong area, it can cause issues.

Because skin is the largest and most visible of our organs, it's no surprise that most of us want to keep it looking absolutely amazing. Luckily, you can use the same strategies celebrities appropriate in order to ensure that your skin stays soft and supple. Good luck!

Author's Bio: 

Karleia is a freelance blogger.