Learning to be your own boss involves one heck of a lot more than simply working alone! Ask any internet entrepreneur and they'll likely tell you working alone will certainly test your character! The fact is that to become successful without someone in management looking over your shoulder you'll need to posses the 7 following qualities!

Self Motivation

As already stated, when working alone there will be nobody telling you what to do and when to do it! Although this may remove the tension and stress associated with taking 'orders' from somebody else, it is now up to you to take charge! Remember if you don't produce, you won't earn an income, so being self motivated is extremely critical in order to become successful as an internet entrepreneur!


For the many who work online and out of their homes, although this may be a comfortable environment it does offer distractions! The phone, people at the front door and even the computer in front of you can easily 'derail' you for hours at a time! You must be highly focused to resist these temptations!


The great part about working alone is once again there will be nobody 'barking' orders at you! On the other hand this could easily lead you into the temptation of procrastination! This is a very dangerous cycle since putting off what needs to be done will decrease your productivity and therefore income! Additionally you'll eventually end up overloading your schedule by trying to make up for 'lost' time! You know what needs to be done, or at least you should, so do it!


As mentioned previously you should know what needs to be done before you even turn on your computer! Planning your days, weeks and months ahead of time gives you the direction you'll need to stay productive increasing your chance to become successful with your business!


Your efforts might not always bring about the results you seek or may take a while to do so! Having patience with both yourself and the 'process' involved in building a strong income is mandatory! Enough said here!


Things change whether it's the environment in which you work, marketing strategies or even shifts in demand! Learning to adapt to changes is a hell of a lot easier and more productive than fighting it! As an internet entrepreneur expect to see many changes due to the dynamic nature of the online world as well as those within your niche!


Putting the hours in is completely different from maintaining or increasing your personal productivity! When working alone your productivity is all that more important since you're the ONLY one contributing to the growth of your business! Quite simply, if you are not productive you will NEVER become successful going it alone!

In order to be your own boss and become successful as an internet entrepreneur there are certain 'responsibilities' you must accept! You see, working alone also means that if you don't do it yourself, in most cases, it doesn't get done! There's a lot more involved in working alone than simply being unsupervised! The 7 qualities reviewed here today are all essential to the success of any internet entrepreneur! Having a strong desire is a great start, but your efforts must be properly directed and effective as well as making use of any problem solving skills you may have! The bottom line is these qualities can be developed if you don't currently possess them, and all will be needed if you intend to become successful going it alone!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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