Mattress probably plays the most important role in ensuring that you have a good night sleep. As, an untidy and uncomfortable mattress can not only be a hindrance between you and your relaxing night time but also become an invitation to a score of diseases.

But because you landed on this page, you do not need to worry at all. We are here with 7 very easy and simple tricks that will not only help you in keeping your mattress spick and span but will also increase the life of them.

So, what say? Let’s start?

• Get Rid of All The Dirt: As simple as it sounds! You need to make sure that your mattress is free of all dust and dirt. But how? Well, get up, grab your vacuum and run it all over your mattress. This is the easiest and fastest way known at present for cleaning dirty mattresses. Almost all of the vacuums available today come with an upholstery tool that will make your job even easier. Also, do not forget to flip your mattress and clean the other side too.

• A Mattress Protector is a Must: Yes, you read it absolutely right especially if you have a child, having this is very important. Mattress protectors soak all of the liquids and prevent them from entering the inside of your mattress. In short, they increase the life of them.

• Use The Upholstery Shampoos Only to Clean the Stains: Spilling things on bed is common and so is getting those stubborn stains on your mattress. But please make sure that you do not use your regular shampoos to clean the mattress. Mattresses do not have a scalp neither they have hair, so, use only the shampoos that are made for upholstery to clean your mattresses and nothing else at all.

• Keep a Check On Humidity Levels: Whether you buy mattress online or offline, they always come with a cleaning guide which clearly states that rooms with low humidity levels are better suited for mattresses. By doing this, the level of dust mites in your room decreases and so do the chances of them entering into your mattress. Portable dehumidifiers can come handy in this situation.

• Use Hot Water To Wash Your Bedding: How frequently you change your bed sheets and pillow cases and what you do to keep them clean also decide the wellness of your mattress. If possible, use only hot water to wash your bedding essentials. As, hot water is known to kill all germs and clean your fabric very efficiently. Also, do change your pillow covers and bed sheets after every 6-7 days and if you can get these items dry cleaned once every 6 weeks, you can ensure even better life of your mattress.

• Do Not Place Plants Near Your Bed: Though it’s a very good idea to include plants in your home décor but keeping them close to your bed can be detrimental. Plants encourage breeding and this can increase the level of dust mites, pollen, insects, bacteria and virus in your room. So, make sure that you keep your plants close to the windows and not your beds.

• Deodorize Your Mattress: You love to smell good, right? Your mattress also likes the same. And if you want to avoid the smell of sweat from entering into your mattress, do use some baking soda and brush it all over your mattress. Let it sit for 10 minutes and then vacuum it off as usual. Your mattress will be the happier that day, trust us.

So, your job does not end when you order your favorite mattress online or offline, you also need to take of it when it reaches on your bed. Make sure that you keep it all clean and good. All the best!

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