In excess of 7 crore Indians are accepted to be dependent on drugs. The latest report that was introduced in the Rajya Sabha shows ten suicides happen in a day in India because of medication misuse. In 2014, as indicated by the National Crime Records Bureau, 3,647 suicide cases happened because of medication maltreatment with states including Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Kerala recording the most elevated number of medication-related suicides. The administration discharged information identified with medicating seizures which had expanded by 455% somewhere in the range of 2011 and 2013.

A portion of the unlawful medications seized incorporate cannabis, heroin, amphetamine, cocaine, hashish, ephedrine, heroin, methamphetamine, opium, morphine and methaqualone (mandrax) among others. Of these, ganja or cannabis, opium, dark colored sugar heroin and hashish are the most usually utilized illegal medications in India. In excess of 10 million individuals are evaluated to be dependent on cannabis or ganja while heroin clients are more than one million according to one gauge.

A lion's share of medication clients is in the age gathering of 25 to 35 years which is the prime profitable years throughout everyday life. These years are likewise the make and break a very long time undoubtedly. Studies led in the territory of Punjab found that 89% of medication addicts were instructed and utilized. And these medications are being misused today. These medications are strong enough to create a huge impact on human life.

Sick impacts of medication misuse

The yearly human services costs for managing outcomes of medication misuse are as high as eleven billion dollars. Aside from the money related repercussions, drugs cause mental and physical medical problems including:

• A sleeping disorder

• Poor fixation and memory

• Savagery or hostility

• Suspicion

• Self-destructive inclinations

• Gloom

• Cerebrum and other organ harm

• Skin diseases

• Weight reduction
• Respiratory and stomach related framework issue

How medication misuse is affecting the work environment

A portion of the dangers at the work environment with sedate maltreatment incorporates a high danger of robberies, brutality, tranquilize accelerating, non-appearance, wounds and low spirits of representatives, all of which significantly affect profitability. Studies show that workers who are dependent on drugs:

1. are behind schedule for work in any event thrice the same number of times as others

2. profit debilitated leave thrice as much as others

3. have a fourfold expanded danger of working environment mishaps

One out of five representatives who are non-addicts, state they needed to cover for the representative who was a junkie or that they have been harmed on account of the colleague's enslavement. Substance misuse has additionally been known to be a significant reason for brutality at the work environment.

Restorative activity: Drug misuse tests and guiding

Managers should know about the enactment identified with tranquilizing abuse and unlawful belonging in the working environment. As per the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, the ownership, utilization, and offer of any sort and measure of illegal medications are culpable. The discipline can differ contingent upon the reality or degree of the wrongdoing. First-time guilty parties may not pull in the discipline. For these, directing and restoration administrations can help address the issue.

A work environment approach ought to be created as to sedate testing, Background Verification, and criminal history before business and during the business. Irregular medication misuse tests can uncover any already obscure medication maltreatment among workers.

The medication testing conventions can identify with:

Pre-business medicate misuse test

Sensible doubt based medication misuse test

Follow up sedate maltreatment testing for affirmation or post-recovery

Routine test for wellness

Arbitrary substance misuse test

Disciplinary ramifications for recurrent guilty parties post medicate misuse test

A few medication testing boards are accessible in standard configurations going from five to thirteen-board tranquilize testing with the number relating to the number of medications being tried. Of these, the five-board sedate testing is all the more generally utilized.

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