Sales professionals understand how to impress clients and prospects. They know the value of effective sales presentation skills and the 7 dangerous mistakes to steer clear of. Find out now so you can get ahead.

If you’re looking for ways to ace your sales presentation and stand out above the rest, steer clear of these 7 dangerous mistakes.

Mistake 1. Poor Fit
Picking clothes that don’t fit is a classic error for sales professionals. If you’ve gained weight, lost weight, or bought a terrific suit in the wrong size, you know the problem.

Just because your ‘win suit’ worked before, don’t make the serious error of believing it will work today. Try on your clothes before you decide to wear them for your big day. Leave enough time to find a different outfit if you need to.

Mistake 2. Pressed For Time
If you’re short on time, you might also be tempted to skip the all important task of pressing your shirt, suit or outfit. Wrinkled clothes send the wrong impression.

A critical decision maker with an eye for detail is sure to notice. Your mom or your friends might cut you some slack. But do you want to take that chance with a potential client?

Mistake 3. Falling Short
Are your buttons on tight? Are some falling off? Is there a touch of mending and sewing that could make everything work right? A small sewing kit in your briefcase or roll on is a smart idea. You’re always ready to make adjustments the night before.

Mistake 4. Color Coordinated
Are you using the color of your clothing to your best advantage? Some professionals have an entire wardrobe in black. But if this isn’t your best personal color, it could just make you look as if you’ve come from a funeral.

Check with a color consultant or your presentation coach to get an objective viewpoint and feedback.

Mistake 5. Culture Code
What’s the cultural norm and standards for where you’ll be presenting? If everyone is in pinstriped suits, a tropical shirt and shorts may be stretching the limits. Unless this is part of your ‘presenter persona’ consider the impact of showing up in an outfit that is completely opposite to the culture.

Mistake 6. Distraction In Action
While you’re presenting and speaking in public, you will be moving. Check your outfit to make sure that everything is working when you move. This includes loud jewelry, bracelets, rings and anything that might distract attention when you’re making your point.

Mistake 7. New Is Best
Want to impress your clients with a brand new outfit? This may seem like a good idea in the store. But when a sales associate tells you, “This will seal the deal” take a moment to think.

A new outfit is new territory. You may not like the way it feels, moves or fits. When you’re in front of a client or prospect, the last thing you want is to discover this bad news. Rather than risk it, pick outfits that you’ve worn before but that are still fashionable, fitting and perfectly suited for the occasion.

While there are many mistakes that can occur in sales presenting, these 7 are completely within your control. Make a few wise choices. Get feedback from a candid coach or friend. And prepare your clothes to serve your goals. Go out and win.

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